LSU vs. Gators Post Game Quotes

Quotes from players and coaches on both sides of the field on the Gators’ 23-10 win over LSU.

2006 Florida Football

Florida Head Coach Urban

Meyer Post-Game Quotes

Opening Statement:

“A lot of the questions that were asked of me last year were about what I learned about the SEC, and the answer to that is you better bring your defense. The team that we played today has to be one of the most talented teams in America. Our special teams played phenomenal. Our punt and kickoff coverage units were great today. We held LSU to minus-10 yards on punt returns, and we really kept them in check. The other telling statistic today was turnovers. Today was a great day for Florida football, and this was one of the best environments that ever been a part of. I’ll put our Homecoming up against

anyone in America’s after today.”

On the play of the running backs:

“We have to find a running back. I’m the guilty one, because I want the ball in DeShawn Wynn’s hands. Kestahn Moore’s still young. As a coach, we remember the bad things, and that’s why we used Tim Tebow a lot.”

On being creative offensively:

“You look at how we’re scoring points right now, and it’s a lot of different ways. I’m awful proud of that. I’m not a betting man, but I’d be on that team in the white right now.”

On the momentum in the second half:

“Lou Holtz always tells me that the last five minutes of the first half and the first five minutes of the second half determine the outcome of the game. If you had to say what was the checkmate point today, it was the first five minutes of the second half.”

Florida Player Quotes

Florida vs. LSU

Freshman Quarterback Tim Tebow

On his touchdown pass to Tate Casey:

“We ran a tight end pop. We figured they would load the box trying to stop the run. I was just able to throw it up there and Tate Casey made a play.”

Junior Tight End Tate Casey

On his touchdown reception

“Tim (Tebow) made a good play. I sort of stumbled back but I concentrated on the ball and made sure I brought it in. It felt like the ball was up there for an hour.”

Sophomore Wide Receiver Louis Murphy

On his 35-yard touchdown reception, the first of his career

“It was so amazing. I saw the ball up there. I was so nervous, but (Tim) Tebow made a great pass and I was able to bring it in. I’m just out there trying to help this team win, but it’s great to have my first catch go for a touchdown.”

Junior Cornerback Ryan Smith

On his second straight two-interception game

“We came into this game trying to stop the deep ball and when our secondary needed to make plays, we were able to get turnovers, not only getting the offense the ball but shifting the momentum in the process.”

Freshman Wide Receiver Riley Cooper

On his forced fumble for a safety to open the second half

“I was able to get down the field quick. When I saw that he juggled the ball, I put it into another gear and made the hit. Whenever I get into the game I’m just trying to help this team win.”

Senior Quarterback Chris Leak

On today’s victory

“This was a very special and emotional moment for us seniors. We are going to remember this for the rest of our lives. It is special being a Gator. To beat a great team like LSU means a lot. The senior class, we go out and play hard and we take a strong work ethic to the practice field and we work for the good of the team.”

On the amount of playmakers on the team

“There’s a lot of great guys with a lot of speed and talent. We like to spread the ball around and get the ball in the hands of different guys who can make plays.”

LSU Head Coach Les Miles Quotes

Florida vs. LSU

On the game:

“We started out well, we were sharp going down the field except for the early punt return fumble. The fumble was a big turn of events, along with several penalties, that lead to a long drive to them the lead before the half. It really swung the momentum. At half time, I felt like our team wanted to come back out and play like they’re capable, but the on ensuing kickoff and two-pointer certainly didn’t help us. We made mistakes in a number of spots, and its work to do. We’re a good football team but we didn’t play like it today, and we’re all disappointed.”

On a 17 play drive with no results:

“There’s no question that it certainly affected the momentum. We would’ve never thought we would go into the half behind.”

On Tim Tebow:

“He’s a rock’em-sock’em kind of runner. He’s a big strong kid, a competitive guy. He plays hard inside the tackles. Florida used him to their advantage today.”

LSU Player Quotes

Florida vs. LSU

Junior Quarterback JaMarcus Russell

On the bad snap:

“It was a sneak and the center had a guy hit up on him too soon, and I didn’t really get a chance to get the ball.”

On the rest of the season:

“We have to play for ourselves. Even though we have two losses we have to stay committed to each other.”

On playing at The Swamp:

“It’s pretty tough. It was on ourselves the way things turned out.”

Senior Strong Safety Jessie Daniels

On the rest of the season:

“We have our team to play for. We are still a team, and we are going to come back Monday and play just as hard.”

On defending Tim Tebow:

“I don’t think it’s that hard if you’re looking at your keys. It’s not that hard to determine if he is running or passing the ball. We knew what they were going to do when he got into the game. He’s a tough guy to tackle—he can take a hit.”