Lauren Anderson’s Welcome to GC Video

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Gator Country’s newest addition, Lauren Anderson, took a few moments to send this video to say hi to everybody at Gator Country. Lauren will be sending videos, writing columns and handling other assignments in her new role with Gator Country.

We needed a woman’s point of view here at Gator Country and we thought Lauren Anderson would be the perfect choice. She’s bright, opinionated and she really does know her sports, plus she is always talking to sports celebrities when she’s out in Los Angeles, where she’s pursuing an acting career, and here in Gainesville, her hometown where she has a couple of businesses, family, and of course, her favorite team of all time, the Florida Gators! We don’t think it hurts that she’s drop dead gorgeous, either!

Look for Lauren’s first video later in the week and we’re hoping to coax an “Ask Lauren” column out of her within 10 days. Stay tuned Gator fans!

Meantime, if you’re interested in checking out Lauren and her friends at Foxxy Sports, just follow the link:

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