Lauren Anderson joins Gator Country!

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You’ve seen her kiss Dick Vitale’s bald head on television, you’ve seen her in the magazines and you’ve probably seen her funny takes on sports at the website. Now, Lauren Anderson is joining the Gator Country team to bring you her wide range of opinions and perspectives about sports, especially her favorite team the Florida Gators.

A Gainesville native, Lauren was a scholarship basketball player at Jacksonville University until she had a bout with mononucleosis. She gave up basketball, returned home to Gainesville where she majored in animal biology at the University of Florida. She’s remained an active sports fan and even though her acting career keeps her in Los Angeles most of the time, she’s back in Gainesville every chance she gets, especially if the Gators are playing.

At Gator Country, Lauren will be doing video features that will include interviews with some top sports celebrities and regular written opinion pieces. We’re hoping to launch an “Ask Lauren” column around the first of June, too.

Having seen her Foxxy Sports takes, Gator Country publisher Ray Hines wanted to add Lauren to the Gator Country team.

“Lauren knows and understands sports and she’s going to give different perspectives and opinions to our loyal fans and customers,” said Hines. “I thought it would be a refreshing change to present a woman’s point of view. Since Lauren is such a die-hard Gator and she has access to some of the top sports celebrities, we thought this would be a great opportunity. I think Gator fans are going to love the perspectives she brings.”

“We’re really happy to have Lauren join us,” said Gator Country Managing Editor Franz Beard. “She’s not just a sports fan. She really does understand the games and knows why teams and players succeed and fail. I think you’re going to enjoy seeing sports from her point of view. We’re really happy to welcome her to the Gator Country team.”

Lauren has been a regular lurker at Gator Country ever since she dated Matt Walsh, the former Florida basketball great.

“I am so excited to join Gator Country and I love it,” said Anderson from Los Angeles. “I think it’s a fabulous website. Everything that you’re doing is exciting. I’m so happy to have a chance to give my opinions and there are so many things I want to say to Gator fans.

“I definitely think that I can give a different perspective, maybe one that reporters and broadcasters won’t get, because I know so much about the personal side of athletes when they’re off the court or the playing field. I think that people are interested in the personal side of athletes and I’m going to be giving that perspective as well as the professional.”

Anderson is pursuing an acting career in Los Angeles but when she’s got free time, she’s either at a ball game or on the sofa with the television tuned in to some sort of sporting event.

“Matt said I was the perfect girl because on our first date we watched the NBA playoffs on TV, drank beer and had a burping contest at halftime,” said Anderson. “I’m kind of a sports junkie. If I’m not doing something that involves my career, I’m probably watching sports somewhere.

“I do know sports. I’m a sports person and it’s not that I’ve just dated athletes, I actually played sports in high school and in college.”

At Gator Country, she promises to show all the sides of her personality, too.

“I’m a Gemini which means I’m a split personality,” she said. “You know what that means? It means there is the soft and sweet Lauren and then there’s the other side … the devil made me do it side … and of course, everything in between.”