Kentucky vs. Gators Post Game Quotes

Here’s your post game quotes from Coaches Meyer and Brooks as well as each team’s players on the Gators’ 26-7 win over Kentucky.

Coach Meyer:

On tonight’s game:

“On the first drive, we went down and scored, but then it felt like we were stopped. We were very much out of sync, and we were panicking on plays. We felt too much urgency at times, but we came back and dominated the second half.”

On the defensive line:

“I thought they played very well. I want to say Kentucky’s offense was the number one offense in the SEC going into tonight’s game, but our front four did a very good job handling them. We were missing a key player, but managed just fine.”

On the play of Brandon Antwine and Ray McDonald:

“Brandon Antwine did play today, and looking down the barrel at what’s coming up for us, we need every player we have. We have to take care of our punt return and kickoff return teams. Our guys are doing a tremendous job, and Ray has been a big part of that.”

On the fake PAT attempt:

“The fake was a called play, and it was a play that all day we felt like we had a good chance of running. We thought it was a good option to take advantage of the numbers on the edge.”

Senior Quarterback Chris Leak

On Kentucky’s team: “Kentucky played hard and are a great coached team. We came out better in the second half. Now we have to watch the film, see where we can get better, and get ready for Alabama.”

Senior Wide Receiver Dallas Baker

On his ability to run the screen: “It’s all about timing on the screen. As a wide receiver, you have to become a running back of those plays. Tonight I was able to do that.”

Freshman Quarterback Tim Tebow

On Kentucky’s performance: “Kentucky played a good game and you have to give them credit. They did a nice job of holding the ball.”

On his ability to run the ball: “Everyone did a nice job of blocking, especially the offensive of line. All I had to do was some running.”

Coach Brooks

On the game:

“I think we had a pretty good first half. We missed a couple of opportunities, one of which was when I was arguing with the officials about the clock. We also had a lot of guys at halftime who were dinged up a little bit and were cramping up. Trai Williams had to get an I.V. on. Tony Dixon had a very bad bruise on his shin and that is why we were missing him the first couple of plays of the second half. Roger Williams had a tweaked hamstring and Jamil Paris had two episodes of an irregular heartbeat. We had to pull him in the second half when he was in on some nickel plays, and we need to have him checked out by a heart specialist. We need to get well and get back on track to play at home against Central Michigan.”

On Kentucky’s second half play:

“It seemed like every time we made a play in the second half, there was a flag on the field or we messed up and got sacked. Once they started pinning their ears back, they had a hard time protecting Andre (Woodson). That made it very difficult to sustain an offensive drive. Tim Masthay went into a funk and got off three really bad punts so the field position was very much in favor of Florida in the second half.”

Junior Wide Receiver Dicky Lyons, Jr.

On the game: “We moved the ball good. It gave us confidence that we can play with anybody. ”

On the game: “We can’t run the short yardage plays the whole game, we need to go down field and have a big play against a team like that, and we just didn’t do that tonight.”

Junior Quarterback Andre Woodson

On the defense in the second half: “They did a good job of just not giving us time in the pocket to make those reads or make those throws.”

On the game: “They are the number five team in the nation, but I feel like we really showed how well we can play and how well we can perform when we play at our best.”

Junior Linebacker Wesley Woodyard

On the Florida offense when Tebow is in the game: “When Tebow is in the game it’s really just going to be a running attack. He is a good QB and a good playmaker. They give a chance to run the ball and make plays”