Hollywood Bob’s List Of Ten What Ifs

Since the season hasn’t started yet, there are still a couple of days to speculate about what if … what if a few radical things were tried? Here are some things that probably may not happen this football season, but I would like to see tried anyway — some things that might make the football world stand up and take notice.

The Gators kind of have this secret weapon in Jarvis Moss. Moss is a 6-6, 255-pound freak of an athlete that has not had enough playing time to merit much national recognition just yet but that should change very soon. He’s unblockable and he’s going to be a regular sack demon for the Gators, using his quickness and length to make plays from his defensive end position.

But what if …. what if Moss was inserted on the punt block team when the opposing team goes into the spread punt formation? I would line Moss directly over the center and watch him use his speed to get to the punter. Moss has been clocked as the fastest Gator football player for ten yards. If blocked he could still use his height and abnormal wing span to block the punt anyway.

The Gators seem to have an abundance of playmakers thanks to certain roster switches, some healthy players, and an infusion of talent. Offensive skill is at a pretty high limit right now.

What if the Gators lined up with a six quarterback set? Before you wonder about this too much, remember wide receivers Bubba Caldwell, Jemalle Cornelius, and Jared Fayson were all high school quarterbacks and pretty good ones at that. Throw in tight end Cornelius Ingram who was a quarterback at UF only last year and maybe Tim Tebow at H-back. The opportunities for trick plays seem all but endless.

Will the Gators have trouble moving the ball in short yardage situations? Last season there were times where that was an issue. I personally believe that this current version of the offensive line is more conducive to pushing people around up front. Time will tell if that is right.

What if the Gators implored an all elephant backfield with former fullback Marcus Thomas and former running back Joe Cohen? They could let DeShawn Wynn and his 238 pounds run behind those monsters near the goal line.

Everyone is all up in arms about Reggie Freakin’ Nelson being the punt returner. The Gators had their injuries last year to kick and punt returners. It seemed like a freakish thing. I am all in favor of putting dynamic players in the position. If Nelson returns one for a touchdown his already legendary status as a Gator will grow.

But that if … what if the next punt after Nelson returns one for a score, another returner slides back and suddenly RFN becomes the punt blocker supreme? What if he blocked a punt for a touchdown? How many ways can we imagine Nelson scoring on defense or special teams alone?

There has been much talk about Chris Leak and his failure to play within the confines of the Meyer offense. The debate centers on his running ability even though Meyer states that the offense has been tailored to suit the abilities of Chris leak.

What if Chris Leak took an option keeper for 50 plus yards on one play? How good would it be for someone that has worked so hard and for so long to really surprise everyone? I for one would be ecstatic for the kid.

Now onto Gator rivals, here are a few things that might be strange to see but a welcome site for some.

The Tennessee Vols had a meteoric fall from grace last year when they went 5-6 and did not make a bowl game. It was a season where many expected big things from Tennessee — they were picked as high as second in the nation in some preseason publications — but it was one disaster after another as the season dragged on and on.

What if the Vols had a perfect record in the SEC East? Not perfect in their minds, but what if the East swept them this year? Remember the Vols went 1-4 in the East last year and the only win was over a pretty bad Kentucky team. Kentucky looks to be greatly improved this year and the Vols are really missing that infusion of talent with eight of their signing class not making it into school.

The Gators hold a huge lead in the win-loss column over the Georgia Bulldogs for the past 16 years. The 14-2 margin is maybe the Gators greatest record over a span that long against any of its major rivals. The Bulldogs have been relegated to harassing Gator fans that wear jean shorts. Even if they don’t see any, the usually dressed for a funeral Poodles yell out “jean shorts” in frustration after losing yet another Florida-Georgia contest.

But what if … what if the Gators make it 15 out of 17? Well that, of course, is extremely possible and you have to think almost probable given the history since 1990. There has to be something going on in the Poodles heads by now. They’ve only been able to yell “One in a row!” twice in the last 16 years. I am thinking we will really start hearing chants of “Home and Away.” At least they won’t have so far to drive home in misery if they could get the game moved from Jacksonville every year.

The Ole Ball Coach over in Columbia won some games he probably shouldn’t have won last year including a not so nice win over his beloved alma mater. Steve Spurrier has never been one to mince words and usually shoots it straight, probably more than some would like to hear.

What if Spurrier gave us the silent treatment? What if he gave the entire SEC the silent treatment this year? Nah, that wouldn’t be any fun.

Was it telling of the ACC that a five-loss FSU team finished as the champion? SEC followers would certainly say so. Even with the infusion of “powers” like Miami, Virginia Tech, and Boston College, when your champ loses five games (four in the regular season and one in the bowl) the league reeks of mediocrity. What is sad is that the conference championship will still keep the Noles from finally realizing their excrement does stink.

What if FSU suddenly went big time? Sorry, but if you want to call yourself big time you don’t send back 2,000 tickets to a game in your home state against one of your two main rivals. Maybe the college teams in Florida ought to be the “Big One and the other two” instead of the “Big Three”.

That is right, Miami isn’t much better, here is the post on their school website selling the tickets that their main rival is returning.

Coral Gables, Fla. (www. hurricanesports.com) – – Florida State returned tickets from its allotment to the University of Miami ticket office and now fans can still get tickets to the Hurricane season opener vs. Florida State at the Orange Bowl on Monday night, Sept. 4. Tickets are reserved and are part of a pack, which also includes a ticket to the Sept. 9 Florida A&M game.

Is it not painfully obvious that the Hurricanes need the Gators and other real powers on their schedule to sell tickets? Is it not also clear why the Gators would not want to associate if they don’t have to?

What if Miami sold out a season in the Orange Bowl? I think you would see the other nine things happen on my list well before this one.