Happy Thanksgiving from Gator Country!

Wow, hasn’t this year flown by? Between jobs, families, school and making sure we stay on top of all things Florida Gators, time can become irrelevant. One day it’s National Signing Day and the next somebody’s asking you what you’re doing for Thanksgiving.

Perhaps it’s a bit Pavlovian but hearing the word ‘Thanksgiving’ is our country’s cue to slow down, reflect and offer up thanks.

Though we always have an ear low to the ground for inside scoops, today, as you gobble up goodies, drowse during games and wonder if you’re adopted after all, the staff here at Gator Country will be spending time with our own, immediate families.

Before we all take a well-deserved break, here are some personal messages from our family to yours …

For over 15 years, through thick and thin you’ve have been with me and Gator Country. To our loyal members, dedicated moderators and wonderful staff, though I surely don’t say it often enough, please know that I am thankful for every one of you and consider you my extended family.

Have a blessed holiday,

Ray (Solari)

Every day working at Gator Country is another lesson in how great communities are built and what it takes to make them last. The sheer volume of encouraging words, funny quips and wisdom that is shared on our message boards never ceases to amaze me. Thank you to all of our members, moderators and staff for helping to make me a better person and this world a better place.

Happy Holidays and Go Gators!

Bernadette King

Thanksgiving to me is time to relax and enjoy your family, as well as being thankful for everything we have. One of the things that I’m thankful for is that Ray and Bernadette gave me the opportunity to cover Florida and be able to work with great people. I also want to thank Phillip and John for being such good partners at GC with me. And lastly I have to thank Mike for helping me so much in this business. He is always willing to take time and lend me a hand. Also Gator Country has the best members.  I truly think of each of one of you as family and I enjoy interacting with each of you every day.

Andrew Spivey

For me, Thanksgiving is a time for eating until I cannot walk, so I can kick back on a crammed couch with the rest of my family to watch some football. I’m especially thankful to Gator Country for the opportunity to cover the greatest college sports program on the planet. Our staff has become my extended family, which is why our staff meetings always begin and end with a round of bear hugs. And the Gator Country community has welcomed me with open arms. There’s no greater feeling than hearing “Hey Mike!” from a GC member who recognizes me around campus or around town from my picture on the site or in the magazine. Gator Country is a special place that will always have a special place in my heart.

Mike Capshaw

I am thankful to be able to cover a program that has such passionate fans and are so knowledgeable. Writing has always been my dream and the ability to do that and work with the fans and friends at Gator Country has been a dream come true.

Phillip Heilman

At this time of year, I’m always thankful for the people who are mean the most in my life. While my relatives and close friends will always be in that category, I’ve come to realize in my short time at GC that this site is its own kind of family and I’m glad to be a part of it.

John Boothe