Getting to Know the 2013 Recruiting Class: Trenton Brown

Over the next several weeks, Gator Country will talk with the members of the 2013 recruiting class. We’re asking each recruit 20 questions in an effort to let the fans get to know a little bit more about each player both on and off the field.

Today we talked with Trenton Brown.

Brown is a 6’9”, 350-pound offensive tackle from Georgia Military Academy. Brown chose Florida over schools like Georgia, Florida State, LSU and Ole Miss.

Brown just missed out on being able to enroll early this past spring but he was a regular at Florida’s spring practices. Brown was able to go through the mental reps while watching practice and has his sights set on coming in and contributing right away. He can play both tackle positions and that versatility is one of the reasons he could reach his goal of playing early this season.


Q1: What was the craziest recruiting pitch you heard during the entire recruiting process?

Trenton Brown: I have to say that it was people saying “if you come in, then the spot is yours right away.” That drew a red flag for me right away.


Q2: Why did you choose Florida?

TB: Florida’s pitch to me the whole time was that I would have an opportunity and the opportunity was based off what I wanted to do with it. If I decided to come in and work hard then I would have all the opportunity in the world to come in and play. Nothing was promised to me. I was just promised an opportunity and that’s all I needed to hear.


Q3: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

TB:  The visits.


Q4: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

TB: I like listening to slow music before the games. I just feel like if I listen to all that other type of music it would get me too hyped and everything would be moving too fast. If I listen to slow music, I feel like everything will be slow just like I worked on all week in practice.


Q5: What’s the highlight of your career so far?

TB: Going from JUCO and not really a nobody, but going into JUCO and basically making the come up, really. A lot of people from my hometown didn’t think I would make it this far. I was down in a lot of people’s minds. I still got some more proving wrong to do, but it’s coming.


Q6: Orange or Blue?

TB: Blue.


Q7: What number are you going to wear next year and is there any significance to that number?

TB: 74. The significance to it is that I was compared to Michael Oher as soon as the movie [The Blind Side]came out. I went to junior college wearing #52, the same number I wore in high school, but my coach didn’t want me to and he chose the number 74 for me.


Q8: What NFL player do you model your game after?

TB: Michael Oher.


Q9: If you could date one celebrity who would it be?

TB: It would have to be Kelly Rowland.


Q10: Who are your favorite pro sports teams? NFL? NBA? MLB?

TB: Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Francisco 49ers. I don’t watch baseball.


Q11: Xbox or PlayStation?

TB: PlayStation.


Q12: If you won the lottery what would be the first thing that you would buy?

TB: A house for my grandparents in Texas.


Q13: What’s playing on your IPod before a game?

TB: I’ve got some old school on there. I’ve got Otis Redding, Keith Sweat, stuff like that, old school R&B.


Q14: Who’s your favorite NFL player?

TB: Michael Oher.


Q15: LeBron or Kobe?

TB: Kobe.


Q16: Who’s your favorite former Gator and why?

TB: Mo Mitchell (’01-’04). Because he’s from Albany, Georgia [where Trenton is from]. I talked to him after one of the games and it was nice to have somebody else from our city come to Gainesville.


Q17: What sport would you play if you couldn’t play football?

TB: Basketball.


Q18: What’s your favorite TV show?

TB: Martin.


Q19: What are your favorite sports related and non-sports related movies?

TB: Friday Night Lights and Renaissance Man.


Q20: What is one thing about you that most Gator fans don’t know?

TB: I had D1 basketball offers out of high school to UNC Greensboro and Old Dominion.

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