Getting to Know the 2013 Recruiting Class: Alvin Bailey

Over the next several weeks, Gator Country will talk with the members of the 2013 recruiting class. We’re asking each recruit 20 questions in an effort to let the fans get to know a little bit more about each player both on and off the field. We went over our normal 20 questions this interview, so sue us. That’s a joke. Please don’t sue us.

Today we spoke with Alvin Bailey.

Bailey is a versatile athlete out of Armwood high school. He played a lot of quarterback, mainly out of necessity, but projects to be a slot receiver at Florida. Bailey is a dynamic playmaker with the ball in his hands. He’s the type of player who can score a touchdown any time he touches the ball.

Bailey has his sights set on playing early and with his skill-set, that’s a goal he is likely to achieve. Bailey is a dangerous return man and should contribute on special teams right away. He is also comfortable as a wildcat quarterback and could share time with Trey Burton in that role before taking it over all together as a sophomore. Because he played mainly quarterback his senior season, Bailey needs to continue developing as a route-runner but he should end up being a productive slot receiver for the Gators.

Q1: We don’t usually start with this question but we have to make an exception for you. Is the high top fade still up and will it make its’ way to Gainesville?

Alvin Bailey: Yeah it’s still up. I’m going to bring it to Gainesville and show everybody where it started at. I wanted to bring something back and show everyone I’m different.


Q2: What was the craziest recruiting pitch you heard during the whole recruiting process?

AB: One University called me around signing time and basically told me ‘We’ll put your mom in a house, we’ll get you a Bentley’ stuff like that. That was the craziest thing I heard.


Q3: Why did you choose Florida?

AB: I think it was the best fit for me. I had always wanted to go to Florida. The time that I’m coming in is a great time. I’m going to go up to Florida, work hard and try to be a starting freshman. I can’t let it get to my head but that’s why I picked Florida.


Q4: How do you see yourself fitting in on the team?

AB: Doing a little bit of everything. You can’t limit yourself, especially when you’re so versatile at multiple positions. I definitely see myself coming in and doing a little bit of everything.


Q5: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

AB: Just seeing different schools and being able to say that you were highly recruited. Being able to see different schools was a great experience.


Q6: Do you have any pre-game rituals?

AB: I pray. That’s about it. I just listen to music and pray to God, thanking Him and I pray to my grandmother and step-dad.


Q7: What is the highlight of your career so far?

AB: Just being able to go to Florida and winning a state championship.


Q8: Orange or Blue?

AB: Orange.


Q9: What number are you going to wear next year and is there a story or any significance to why you wear that number?

AB: I’m most likely going to wear number 3. It’s because I’m the third boy in my family and three is my favorite number.


Q10: What player in the NFL do you either model your game after or do you think has a comparable game to you?

AB: Percy. Percy Harvin. I would say I play like him a little bit. Not just because I’m going to Florida but because we’re big-time playmakers.


Q11: If you could date on celebrity who would it be?

AB: Zendaya. She’s on the Disney Channel.


Q12: Who are your favorite pro sports teams? NBA? NFL? MLB?

AB: I like the Heat. I like the [Tampa Bay] Bucs and the Ravens. For baseball, the Tampa Bay Rays and I like the Marlins too, and the Rockies.


Q13: Xbox or PlayStation?

AB: PlayStation.


Q14: If you won the lottery what would be the first thing that you would buy?

AB: I’d probably buy my mom a house and some cars. Just take care of my family.


Q15: What’s on your iPod before a game?

AB: You’ll probably see me jammin’ to some Lil Boosie, some Meek Mill, Lil Snupe, BPC, Chief Keef, Suntin Xtra,Prophit, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross and T.I. Those are my artists, I gotta jam them.

Q: No Justin Beiber?

AB: Nah man. I don’t have Beiber fever.


Q16: Who’s your favorite current NFL player?

AB: I’m probably going to have to go with Percy.


Q17: LeBron or Kobe?

AB: LeBron, definitely.


Q18: Who’s your favorite former Gator?

AB: It’s probably between Percy and Joe Haden. But I think Percy is going to edge Joe Haden out. I like Matt Elam too.


Q19: What sport would you play if you couldn’t play football?

AB: Probably basketball.


Q20: What’s your favorite TV show?

AB: Duck Dynasty.


Q21: What’s your favorite movie? One sports related and one non-sport related?

AB: Friday Night Lights and Remember the Titans, it’s a tie between those two. And Menace to society.


Q22: What’s one thing about you that most Gator fans wouldn’t know?

AB: I’m very neat. I really don’t like being dirty; I’m kind of a germaphobe. Oh, and another thing, I don’t like frogs. I hate frogs.


Q23: Who are you closest to in the recruiting class?

AB: I’d probably say I’m pretty close to Vern [Vernon Hargreaves III]. Because we’ve been through this process the longest and we live right around the corner from each other. We played against each other early on in our high school careers. Probably Jordan [Sherit], Marcell [Harris] and Kelvin [Taylor].


Gator fans can follow Alvin on Twitter @HawkstarAB and on Instagram at Alvin_Bailey3.




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