Gators Tweets of the Week 1.13.13

The offensive linemen were in rare form by cracking jokes and exchanging funny tweets this past week. Most weeks, linemen are the most entertaining to follow.

This past week, Florida Gators football players tweeted about, among other things, returning to class for the spring semester and beginning offseason workouts.

The Tweet of the Week goes to offensive linemen Ian Silberman, but this funny observation:

Ian Silberman ‏‪@Suupaman77 Seen more dudes wearin short shorts than girls today. Not comfortable with this

Here’s the best of the rest:

Ian Silberman ‏‪@Suupaman77
Finally gettin up to put brunch together. Red beans and rice!!

Matt Jones™ ‏‪@mattjonesrb
The Last Two Trips To Tally I Came Back With A W!! Lol

Jon Halapio ‏‪@Jhalapio67
Challenge me on Ruzzle. I can’t be stopped. Gutzilla67

Lrg Sosaaaa ! ‏‪@MrLrgJack_44
Yea I’m insecure , but so what ! welcome to [] America who isn’t !?

Renegade ‏‪@humphries_dj
The hardest thing about business, minding your own

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
Life would be much easier if you knew every detail from the get-go

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
Chilling with ‪@Macweez73 ‪@MarcusGilbert88 attempting to make the best of this Saturday ‪#leggo ‪#LetsGetIt ‪#beforethegrind

Ian Silberman ‏‪@Suupaman77
I love Ray but hes not THE best in my opinion. Hes #2 to me cuz behind Dick Butkus.

Colin Thompson ‏‪@ColinThompsonUF
They should have stuck with Tebow! Lol ‪#PeytonForPresident

Jelani Jenkins ‏‪@jelanijenkins3
I hope to one day have the same type of influence on the field and off the field as ray Lewis

Jeremi Powell ‏‪@jpgator23
Mann I need some wheels

Jon Halapio ‏‪@Jhalapio67
I just took one of those naps where you wake up and don’t know what the heck just happened. Lol

Kyle Christy ‏‪@KyleChristy4
Walter camp banquet ‪@waltercampff ‪

Trey Burton #⃣8⃣ ‏‪@TreyBurton8
This mall in Tampa is no joke … The amount of people that are in this ‪#Apple store is crazy!! ‪#Cheesecakefactory

Jon Halapio ‏‪@Jhalapio67
‪@Macweez73 ‪@BigHarr72 thnx for the invite to the pool guys. Goes to show where our friendship stands

Clay Burton ‏‪@CashBurton88
‪@Jhalapio67 can you please autograph one of those cool color pics you keep posting?? You are my favorite gator ever

Josh Evans ‏‪@JAY_E_9
About to head to Tampa for this East & West game ‪#turnup

Jaylen Watkins ‏‪@jwat14
Happy birthday to my main man ‪@TylerMurphy10 !!!

Damien Jacobs ‏‪@HallUFameDame
Kicked back kinda Saturday, listening to some bob marley

Darrin Kitchens ‏‪@DK_theTruth
Falling in love with Jesus was my greatest victory

dante fowler ‏‪@TheDanteFowler6
Just chill fall back and get ya money up ‪@MrLrgJack_44 i feel ya cuzzy

Nick Alajajian ‏‪@BigNick58
Keep the main thing, the main thing… ‪#GRIND

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
A week and a half out of season already seems too long…. Back to the ‪#grind trying to shine ‪

Jonathan Bullard ‏‪@JBullard90
Wish I could have one last conversation with you and tell you how much I appreciate everything you did for me … R.I.P Maw Maw my #1 fan!!!

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
“Halo! I’m back… Back back back… James get down here!!” ‪#olinecalls ‪#money ‪#gators ‪#gatornation ‪

Ian Silberman ‏‪@Suupaman77
Ever seen a skinny girl try to walk like she thick?? Not cute

Drew Ferris ‏‪@D_ferriswheel46
We need more ‪#cali kids at ‪#UF I think it would boost student satisfaction and morale

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
Do you play football -__- ‪#IGetThatALot

Jonathan Bullard ‏‪@JBullard90
Chillin in the room checking out my boy ‪@MrLrgJack_44 CD !!! Lets see if I got a S/O on it haha

Josh Evans ‏‪@JAY_E_9
Just got done grinding on the field with big bruh ‪@Stuntman1429 . Appreciate you coming through. ‪#DBswagg

Jonotthan Harrison ‏‪@BigHarr72
That moment when you realize you left a piece of tape on a pair of brand new boxers you wore today -__-

Quinton Dunbar ‏‪@QuintonDunbar1
Lord knows if people was to see the thirsty ish y’all chicks send to my iPhone 5 smh

Quinton Dunbar ‏‪@QuintonDunbar1
Don’t care about the cost ball like its no tomorrow

Max Garcia ‏‪@Macweez73
Just saw a guy get pulled over on a skateboard…

Jaylen Watkins ‏‪@jwat14
A bih just act like they have so much drama in they life ‪#behappy

Trey Burton #⃣8⃣ ‏‪@TreyBurton8
Found money in an old pair of shorts this morning!! ‪#DayChanger

Jonathan Bullard ‏‪@JBullard90
Sitting at the bball game and ‪@MitchellUF say a Jon im hungry I could got for not a double but a triple burger with a large milk shake haha

Matthew Elam ‏‪@ElamVsElo
Them boys from Florida on fie, Sheesh..! 3⃣

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