Gator & Razorback Player Quotes on SEC Game

Yesterday, several players talked with the media about the SEC Championship game this Saturday. Here’s highlights of their quotes.



(On Arkansas’ defensive line) “When you play in the SEC, you play against great teams. You got to control their front seven. That’s something we got to be able to do as far as pass protection and mixing things up.”

(On shouting fans) “I don’t hear the fans during the game. I’m so focused on trying to help my team out and maintain great communication with the guys on the field, and making sure I’m putting my team in the right position to be successful. As I’ve matured as a quarterback, I’ve made sure I concentrate on the right thing.”

(On offensive line) “It’s always a possibility that you have to watch out for injuries. Those guys have been banged up since two-a-days. They’re tough guys and know it’s the nature of the game to play through injury. Our training staff has taken care of them and they’re excited about this game.”

(On being undersized) “I wouldn’t say I’m too short. I’m not 6-5 like Peyton Manning. It never has played a role as far as me being a quarterback and helping my team. I never thought about my stature as far as helping my team play.”


(On SEC Championship game) “It’ll be our first time and we’re excited. We’re just gonna prepare to play. We know it’ll be a great atmosphere, and we’ll get ready.”

(On Arkansas RB Darren McFadden) “He’s a very athletic guy that can run and throw the ball. We got to play good defense. The main thing we got to do is stop the run. We are confident in our back end. He has great running capabilities. Our main responsibility will be to contain him and stop the run.”

(On game day atmosphere expectations) “We’re sure it’ll be a lot of fans on both sides. I expect us to prepare to play a great game. If we show up prepared and ready to play things will go well. If we play Gator football like it’s supposed to be played, it’ll go right for us.”

(On McFadden’s throwing ability) “It reminds me of what we do with (Tim) Tebow. We have to contain him and stop the run, first. We want to force them to throw the ball, and everything will swing our way.”

(On difficulty tackling Tebow) “He’s a big strong guy and pretty hard to tackle. We’re preparing for Arkansas, and whatever they throw at us we’ll be prepared to stop it and just play Gator defense.”


(On SEC Championship game) “It’s a big game for us. It’s our first championship game since I’ve been here. It’ll be high energy. It’ll be real emotional for us.”

(On Darren McFadden) “I think he’s one of the top running backs in the country. I would say he’s the top but I haven’t seen any other running backs on film like I’ve seen him.”

(On Bowl expectations) “Coming in the season our focus was on the championship game. Whatever happens after that happens. We’re just focused on Arkansas right now. We’re not worried about anything else right now.”

(On Chris Leak’s leadership) “He’s more outspoken now. He’s more of a leader now. In the past he was quiet about stuff, but he’s more vocal and it helps the team. It gives your team confidence and that’s what Chris does for us.”


(On SEC Championship game) “We prepared hard for this. We knew we could be in it from the beginning. We’re playing a good football team when we play Florida in Atlanta.”

(On loss to LSU) “When you don’t execute well everybody’s gonna look at me and they should. That was probably the worse game I’ve played. LSU does have one of the best defenses in the country though. Come Saturday we’ll be a different ball team.

(On if Darren McFadden can be stopped) “We haven’t seen one yet. I’m sure somebody would, but they’d have to do big things that would open up passing to be able to stop him.”

(On if he thought they’d make it to championship game) “We knew we had the talent but we had to put in hard work, and show people that we could have fun and do that.”


(On upcoming game) “We’re looking forward to playing. We have another good team we’re facing like we always do in the SEC.”

(On the team since the loss) “I think we’re gonna practice and work even harder. It was something we haven’t experienced in a while. We’ll look to go out there and prepare even harder for this game coming up.”

(On preparing for Florida’s quarterbacks) “It’s hard to prepare for two quarterbacks. I’m sure our coaches will have a great scheme for us this weekend. To have two quarterbacks is a real threat and is hard to stop.”


(On upcoming game) “It’s a game we’re looking forward to. I think everybody has their heads back up.”

(Growing up as an Arkansas fan) “I always loved watching Arkansas football. It was amazing when I was offered a scholarship. I knew I didn’t want to go anywhere else.”

(On the team after first conference loss) “It was a different atmosphere. Nobody was happy and smiling like it’s been after games for the past ten weeks. It was just quiet in there.”