Gator Country adds Swampie to the lineup

For years now, Swampie has been part of your daily Gator fix on the internet. Swampie’s Rumor Mill has become almost an institution for the die-hard Gator and that’s why Gator Country is going to make sure the tradition continues at your number one source for inside information about Gator sports. We’d like to welcome Swampie as the latest addition to the Gator Country lineup.

“This is another great day for Gator Country,” said Gator Country publisher/owner Raymond Hines. “Swampie’s Rumor Mill has long been a place where Gator fans can talk about all of Florida’s great teams and a place to get some of the best inside information available. We’re really happy to bring him back home. We think he’s a natural fit for Gator Country and we hope all of you will give him the welcome he deserves.”

Swampie has been hooked on the Gators since he attended his first Florida football game back in 1965 when the Gators has this Spurrier guy playing quarterback. The only time he has ever missed Florida football games was in 1975 when he was stationed in Korea while serving in the US Army. Even then, he had to get his Gator fix.

“That year my parents would tape the game from the radio broadcast then mail it to me at Korea,” he said. “It took five days. I wouldn’t let anyone tell me the outcome of the game and would listen to it usually on a Thursday.”

A native of Eustis, he got hooked on recruiting back in the 1980s when he saw John L. Williams play for those great Palatka High teams.

“I went with my brother to watch Palatka play a Gainesville team in the playoffs,” said Swampie. “That was over twenty years ago. John L. Williams played for Palatka back then the Gators desperately needed help at running back. He was magnificent and from then on I was hooked. We also happened to see this outstanding defensive back named Jarvis Williams who joined the Gators a year after John L.

“We knew John L. was great but seeing Jarvis Williams added to that sense of discovery because we hadn’t heard about him. Both went on to have an outstanding career at UF and in the NFL. After that that I’d go out of my way to see future Gators.”

At Gator Country, Swampie will continue the tradition of Swampie’s Rumor Mill and he’s also going to have a part in our recruiting coverage, using his extensive network of contacts to make sure we have the most up-to-date videos and information of the state’s top prospects.

“There aren’t many people with the kind of network that Swampie has,” said Hines. “If they’ve spent more than five minutes involved in high school football anywhere in the state, I think Swampie knows them! He’s going to bring all that experience and knowledge to us so that we can continually provide the best and most extensive recruiting coverage that you’re going to find anywhere.”

Swampie has watched as recruiting has gone from a hobby shared by a few fanatics back in the 1980s into a full fledged enterprise that captivates college football fans.

“Recruiting doesn’t seem to be the bumpy road it used too,” he said. “The internet has brought everyone together. Before, you got the feeling that there was a lot you didn’t know. Today, you don’t have those thoughts anymore. It’s like there is so much info you have to keep on your toes to stay on top of it all.”

Keeping Gator Country on top is why Swampie’s Rumor Mill will now be a regular part of your experience.  Stay tuned as we work on migrating Swampie over to our new home.

Welcome to back home to Gator Country, Swampie!