Frame by frame of the game

If a wide receiver on the Gator football team wants to get on the football field, they have to honor a tenet long preached by Coaches Meyer and Gonzales: Blocking!

For a wide receiver, it may be an unsavory part of their role, but the good ones have embraced this concept because they know it helps their offense get going by opening up lanes for ball carriers to fly past their defenders.

Percy Harvin has always been known as an electric playmaker on the field as well as a dynamic receiver, but many may not realize that he’s also fully embraced the concept of blocking down the field.  Take a look at photographer Tim Casey’s series of photos capturing Harvin taking out two defenders simultaneously, giving quarterback Tim Tebow room to fly past them near the sideline during the game.

Just watch for Harvin to appear from the right as he engages Tebow’s pursuers:

Now you can see why the coaches continually stress the importance of wide receiver blocking!  We hope to present an interesting series of photos from each game from here on out, so stay tuned!

Many thanks to Tim Casey for capturing such a great sequence of photos.

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