Florida Gators in the NFL – Week 9


The Gators had a very productive Week 9 in the NFL. Game-winning touchdowns, second-half comebacks, and the first NFL start for one former Florida player.

Maurice Hurt started his first NFL game for the Washington Redskins in a 19-11 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

The Tale of Two Halves for the Broncos and Tim Tebow continued as the Broncos needed a second-half comeback to defeat the Oakland Raiders 38-24.  Backed by an impressive running game in the second half, Denver outscored Oakland 31-7 to mount the comeback win. Tebow finished with 124 passing yards, two touchdowns and added 117 yards rushing.

The Bengals jumped on the backs of two former Gators, Andre Caldwell and Carlos Dunlap.  Early in the fourth quarter, Caldwell caught his fifth pass of the game for a touchdown.  This score ended up as the game-winner, as Tennessee could not mount a comeback to overtake the Bengals.  Like last year, Carlos Dunlap is coming on strong as the season progresses, with three sacks in the last two games.  The Bengals defense stepped up the second half, allowing no touchdowns behind Dunlap’s two sacks.

Jabar Gaffney, David Nelson and Aaron Hernandez all recorded one touchdown in their team’s losses, and Louis Murphy accumulated his first stats of the year as he caught one pass for 23 yards for the Raiders.

Joe Haden continued to be the bright spot on defense for the Cleveland Browns as he recorded seven solo tackles in a 30-12 loss to the Houston Texans.

Major Wright also played well for the Chicago Bears in a win on Monday Night Football, recording his first career interception.

Gator Country thanks Mike Gibbs (u8evol19i) for his contributions compiling the stats of former Gators in the NFL.

Florida Gators in the NFL – Week 9
First column is week total, second column is season total
QUARTERBACKSCompletionsAttemptsCompletion %YardsTDINTRush YardsRush TD
Rex Grossmann09201650.00%55.76%0113206090000
Tim Tebow1045219747.62%46.39%124536260111728201
RUNNING BACKSRush AttemptsYardsRush TDReceptionsRec YardsRec TDRet yardsRet TD
Ernest Graham *0370206000260163000000
WIDE RECEIVERSReceptionsRec YardsRec TDRush AttemptsYardsRush TDRet yardsRet TD
Andre Caldwell52622195120000000000
Riley Cooper0000000000000000
Jabar Gaffney43140441120000000000
Percy Harvin **031033400019018201030301
Louis Murphy112323000000000000
David Nelson43536402130000000000
TIGHT ENDSReceptionsRec YardsRec TDRush AttemptsYardsRush TDRet yardsRet TD
Aaron Hernandez43335333150102000000
DEFENSIVE ENDSTacklesSolo TacklesSacksForced FumblesFumble RecoveryPass DeflectionINTTD
Carlos Dunlap31428230001130001
Derrick Harvey0402000001000000
Jeremy Mincey **027020020100000000
Jarvis Moss0110801.50000010000
Justin Trattou0100000000000000
DEFENSIVE TACKLESTacklesSolo TacklesSacksForced FumblesFumble RecoveryPass DeflectionINTTD
Ray McDonald *013010030000000000
Marcus Thomas213110000000000000
LINEBACKERSTacklesSolo TacklesSacksForced FumblesFumble RecoveryPass DeflectionINTTD
Jermaine Cunningham0100000000000000
Andra Davis01104000000000000
Mike Peterson0905000000000000
Brandon Siler *0000000000000000
Brandon Spikes544432000000010000
CORNERBACKSTacklesSolo TacklesSacksForced FumblesFumble RecoveryPass DeflectionINTTD
Joe Haden7317270100000100000
SAFETIESTacklesSolo TacklesSacksForced FumblesFumble RecoveryPass DeflectionINTTD
Reggie Nelson550438010200050101
Major Wright424319000000111100
PUNTERSPuntsYardsAverageTouchbacksInside 20Inside 20 % 
Chas Henry2207183135.5041.55031450.00%20.00% 
Note * – Injured
Note ** – Bye Week