Florida Gators football mailbag for week of November 21

The Florida Gators football season keeps rolling along with Treon Harris leading a team that is headed to Atlanta. Before the Gators will test themselves against the Crimson Tide of Alabama in Atlanta, they need to play the Florida Atlantic Owls and that means a mailbag.

You’ve asked and now I’ll answer. Let’s dive right in.

The Gator: What’s the time frame for the NCAA to make a decision on the Grier appeal?

From what I’ve been told it’s 7-14 days. I expect a ruling before the SEC Championship game.

Swampie: When will division one schools leave the NCAA and form their own governing organization? Within 10 years is a good enough guess for me…

That’s a good question, I’m not sure. The Power Five schools have really flexed their collective muscle of late and I’ve heard murmurs among media members talking about this story as well. I don’t think anything is imminent, but I think it really is a possibility.

RajinGator: Nick, is there reason to believe starting next year Anzalone can make a full recovery from his shoulder issue? As in not a fairly likely possibility of reinjure?

Shoulders are tough. I tore the labrum in my right shoulder in high school. I avoided surgery but it really affected what I was able to do in the gym for years.

In Anzalone’s case, he’s been through this before and knows what to expect. Given time to rest, and with the proper rehab, he should make a full recovery. I expect him to be back on the field and good to go next season. As far as a re-injury, I am not well-versed in how having the same injury twice can end up leading to a higher chance of the injury happening again, so I wouldn’t want to speculate there.

Gator_nica: We have heard all year long that VHII is hurt and isn’t 100%. Do you know what exactly his injury/ies are?

Well, he missed a game earlier this season, but, no, I don’t know what exactly is ailing him this season.

Gat0r: Do you look for any playing time from or backup QB? (With a big lead)

If the game were to get really out of hand in the second half it couldn’t hurt to get Josh Grady some game reps. Unless Florida is up a crazy amount late I would expect Treon to remain in for the full four quarters.

GatorDon Rapid Fire!

Q: Will Josh Grady get any snaps against FAU? Doesn’t he need some PT in case, God forbid, Treon gets hurt?

A: As I said right before this, it couldn’t hurt to get Grady some reps, but Treon also needs to continue progress with the offense. If Florida is up 30-plus at some point I think you might see Grady.

Q: Who among the injured are expected back against FSU?

A: The only one I think would be questionable for the FSU game is Joey Ivie. His issue has kept him out for a month now. I’ve been told that Sherit’s injury isn’t too serious and I think the foot issue with Sharpe is not serious either. Both would play if the FSU game was this Saturday.

Q: Why do the coaches insist on running Powell inside?

A: Your guess is as good as mine. They’re putting it on film, so it’s something teams have to prepare for.

Q: Based on the last two games is the O-Line regressing?

A: I don’t know if they’re regressing, this is how I expected they would play this season. Maybe a regression toward the mean?

Q: Some of Treon’s passes seem to flutter, is there an arm strength issue?

A: I don’t think there is an arm strength issue with Treon. I think he actually throws a really nice deep ball. I do see what you’re talking about with some of his short and intermediate passes fluttering some but it’s more likely to be a mechanical issue than an arm strength issue.

Now on to some Twitter questions. Follow me on twitter (@nickdelatorregc) to get your questions in there as well.

@AndEEEzy_904: Who is seriously at stake of missing FSU game? McCalister Ivie, Sherit?

A: Right now I would say only Jordan Sherit.

@ShowTime909: Your thought on Grant Holloway at UF for track, Looks nice on fold. Sign 6 WRs this year and have him walk on, That’s Gold

I think he is just a track guy, to be honest. If he wants to walk on the football team nobody is going to stop him, but, right now, I don’t know how much of an impact, if any, he will have on the football team.

@Superspeedkit: Is Anzalone medical redshirting or do you think he plays against FSU or SEC championship if healthy?

I would say best case scenario he could return for the SEC Championship game but, right now, I would expect him to be sidelined the rest of the season and that would make him eligible, to petition the NCAA for a medical hardship waiver, if that is something that he would want to do. He wouldn’t have to do it right away, he’s only a junior, so he would be able to play next season and then have the option to apply for an additional year during or after his senior season.

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Nick de la Torre
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  1. Nick, do you think we’ll see more of the Jordans in this FAU game to try and keep KT fresh for F$U?

    Are we going to see Ivey playing LT with Halter at LG? Just wondering what the o-line shuffle will look like this weekend.

    Also, in regards to Anzalone, I tore my right labrum as a senior in HS as well. I had to have surgery after my freshman year in college (couldn’t throw with the pain anymore). It took me a good 10-12 months to recover from the physical injury to where I had no more pain when I threw, but probably an additional 6 months to get past the mental side of the injury and not worry about hurting my shoulder again when I threw. Tearing you labrum also sucks because you’re using the same damaged ligament as before and trying to strengthen everything around it, whereas with Tommy John surgery (UCL surgery) they replace the torn ligament with a healthy one. Because of this I would say that there’s a decent chance he has lingering issues with this moving forward, but I wouldn’t say that he’s for sure going to reinjure it again next year.

    There’s really no telling how a player will bounce back from a torn labrum, especially in his case where this is the second time, but I’m assuming he has a much better training staff than what I had, so lifting and everything like that should be fine. He’ll obviously be sore, but as I’m sure you’ve been told from playing ball, there’s a big difference between being having pain and being hurt. I think what it’ll come down to for Anzalone is how quickly he can get over the mental aspect of injuring the same shoulder twice, and trying not the favor it in any way when tackling people.

    **Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night lol

  2. As for Grant Holloway, isn’t there a rule that if a scholarship athlete in another sport also plays football, walk on or not, his scholarship will count against the total available football scholarships anyway? If not, teams could just sign as many as they want to track scholarships and tell them to walk on to the football team.

  3. The FAU game was absolutely shameful. I really want to support Treon, but this season, he has suffered from tenative, late reads, missed opportunities, and floater balls that allow easy interceptions. His decision making is just too slow.

    The Gators quite possibly have the worst FG/PAT play that I have ever seen, at any level of football.

    The probability for a shutout with the FSU and Alabama games is very high.