Fans, others weigh in on Florida’s changes

The internet buzz surrounding the Florida Gators’ coaching changes Thursday has been mostly positive.

Well, other than a tweet by some guy under an account nmed “Fire Will Muschamp,” but that’s to be expected.

In general, Florida fans and others appears to like Muschamp’s swift decision to promote DJ Durkin to defensive coordinator in the fresh wake of Dan Quinn’s departure for the Seattle Seahawks. has compiled the best from across the Twitterverse in an effort to provide our members with the pulse of the Gator Nation and beyond in response to Durkin’s promotion.

David Pollack ‏‪@davidpollack47
Dan Quinn is a very good coach but his departure will not hurt Fla. Muschamp more than capable of fielding a dominant D.

Vivian Ruth Sawyer ‏‪@VivianRuthSawye
I don’t mind abt Dan Quinn leaving bc in a cap on the sidelines he looked like Steve Kragthorpe & that scared the liver out of me. ‪#Gators

JagNole3 ‏‪@jagnole3
‪@ECStoner ‪@tealtalk imagine if it was Pease, Gators would have lost OC and DC in one week. Right before the end of recruiting. Ouch

Fire Will Muschamp ‏‪@FireWMuschamp
Like rats jumping from a burning ship! ‪#FireWillMuschamp

Chris Martin ‏‪@chrismartin1974
Thanks for all you did Coach Quinn. man up Coach Durkin.

Drew ‏‪@ScattyLight
Super excited about Dj durkin as the DC of the gators

Hail Florida Hail ‏‪@HailFloridaHail
Dan Quinn moving on to Seattle. Sad to see him go. Muschamp promotes D.J. Durkin to DC. Will be Muschamp’s defense either waY. Go Gators!

PM ‏‪@meandmymusings
Coach Muschamp made a smart choice promoting Durkin as DC. Looking forward to see who will become the special teams coach. ‪#Gators

Tamayo howard ‏‪@KiddPOET12
‪@SwampBandit muschamp call most of the plays anyways, and durkin is and can be a very good dc. He turned down jobs already muschamp knows

Julie Quittner ‏‪@JQuittner
D.J. Durkin is a rah rah coach. After Roberson’s 50-yard return against FSU, Durkin mauled him on the sideline, jumped on his back.

Tom Phillips ‏‪@PickNorthFB
Congratulations to DJ Durkin, DC at Florida!!!!!!!

Kassidy Hill ‏‪@KassidyHill
Luckily for Florida, Muschamp could run that defense with his eyes closed. Durkin will be fine having already learned under him.

Jack Reeves ‏‪@Coach_JReeves
Congrats to Coach Durkin on the long awaited promotion. D will stay intact and recruiting won’t miss a beat. Great move by ‪#CoachBoom

kevin durkin ‏‪@durkster1986
Ha no relation but good to see a durkin trending ‪#d.j.durkin

Mike Gillespie ‏‪@gillespiema
Congrats to DJ Durkin on being appointed Florida’s new D coordinator. Good luck to former Gator DC Dan Quinn in Seattle.

Thomas Schmitz ‏‪@GaSouthernTom
Mushchamp has wasted NO TIME naming a New Defensive Coordinator for the GATORS…. DJ Durkin… Defense will remain the same with this hire.

Louie ‏‪@L0uieBanks
But Dj Durkin is legit. Will be one of the best in the country

Ralph Seegobin ‏‪@Ralph_Seegobin
Was in court all day and missed that Quinn left for Seattle and our DC position was filled by LB/ST Coach Durkin. Nothing too drastic.

Aaron Mershman ‏‪@Amersh11
Big congrats to D.J. Durkin accepting the DC spot at FSU great MAC player and coach. ‪#MAction ‪@HustleBelt

The Bull Gator ‏‪@TheBullGator
D.J. Durkin, you’re up. Get on it. (Translated: He’s the new DC.) ‪#Gators

The Cranky Fan ‏‪@TheCrankyFan
I like the ‪#Durkin hire. Keeps the continunity of the staff, and ‪#Boom will still have his hands on the D. ‪#Gators

Alex Marty ‏‪@alexander_marty
Good move by Florida, DJ Durkin is an all star


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