DAY 1B: Q and A with Justin Trattou

True freshman Justin Trattou is expected to play a major role on a Florida defensive front that is in desperate need of filling some vacancies. The 6-4, 250 former Don Bosco Prep star is a long way from New Jersey, but appears to be settling in nicely.

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What have your impressions been since you arrived here in June?

“This by far the greatest experience of my life. Florida is my new home and I’m just looking forward to continuing my career here for the next four years.”

How about your family’s impressions?

“My family has been down a couple of times and they love it. You know, it’s a great family atmosphere and it’s one of the best college towns in the country and they’re looking forward to coming down and seeing me play in some games.”

Has there been any player who group of players that you’ve gravitated to?

“Pretty much everybody on this team. They all treat me well. We’re all really all one big team.”

Was there a player that you worked out with during these informal summer sessions that you enjoyed working with because they pushed you to be better?

“I worked out with Lorenzo Edwards, he was my workout partner. We got after it pretty hard. He definitely pushed me. “

What’s it like playing in this stuff?

“It’s hot in New Jersey too. It’s not that big of a jump, but it’s definitely an adjustment. They keep us loaded with all the water though.”

Talking about the freshmen class as a group, how have you guys bonded with each other?

“I think through the summer workouts we’ve all become much tighter as a group through all of those workouts.

As you go through pre-season workouts, what do you have to do to be ready on opening day?

“I’ve just got to keep listening to my coaches and keep working hard day in and day out. “