DAY 1A: Impact with Jarred Fayson

I tossed Jarred Fayson a softball when I asked him to sum up his first day of practice as a Florida Gator. With four simple words, Fayson took the question out of the park. He raised his eyebrows as many do when they’re putting the exclamation point on the statement and said, “Real fast, real fast.”

He was right. They were all fast. Really fast and seemingly really athletic.

Fayson was obviously impressed with the speed that surrounded him as coaches finally got their chance to workout the freshman class. That’s impressive since the former Hillsborough High School All-American is known to have run by many a defender in his high school days. Maybe he didn’t expect to be surrounded by this much speed. Fayson said that he expects the top rated class in the country to help get the Gators back to Atlanta, and often.

“I think that we have a big time chance to make an impact on whatever side of the ball- offense, defense, and special teams,” he said. “Either way it goes, we didn’t have any depth, so if we get some guys in here with some talent and help out.”

“Coach Meyer just asked for playmakers and he just got the top class in here,” Fayson stated. “That’s what we came here to do- work hard, help out early, and play our role.”

Coach Urban Meyer hopes to inspire this group of freshmen to leave the University of Florida like the Class of 1992- with four Southeastern Conference championship rings.

“We carried around these little cards that have the four rings on them,” he said. “They say “Get ‘92”. What were going after is ’92.”

Jarred Fayson used four words to get his point across on the first day the Florida coaches began working toward getting the first of what is hoped to be four rings.