COMING: Sometimes you eat words

In part III of our exclusive interview with Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN, Buddy Martin also spends some time talking with Gary Danielson of CBS who got involved in an emotional exchange with Herbstreit via a Detroit radio station. Danielson felt that Florida, as champion of the Southeastern Conference, trumped Michigan, which won neither its conference championship or its head-to-head battle with top ranked and unbeaten Ohio State.

Gary Danielson and Kirk Herbstreit are in the business of stating their opinions. Sometimes they’re right, sometimes they’re wrong. That’s the nature of the business. Was Herbstreit merely stating an opinion when he said Michigan, not Florida should be in the BCS National Championship Game? Was Danielson right to basically call Herbstreit out in public? Find out in Part III of this exclusive for Gator Country series authored by Buddy Martin.

Stay tuned!