ACK: Interview w/Kevin Carter

I remember playing with Kevin Carter in 1991 and he was a physical specimen. Carter who was a freshman was also a terrific student. He often spent extra time at the library or study hall making sure he was on top of his academics.

Kevin gets lost in the shuffle sometimes when you talk about the best Gator defensive players ever but he is certainly worth mentioning. He was the consummate student-athlete and a true representative of what is good about college football.

Kevin signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to help provide some leadership for young lineman. I attended Bucs Practice at Disney’s Wide World of Sports and found out Carter could be a big factor on Monty Kiffin’s defense. Carter is not currently listed as a starter but Gruden said he could be if they keep him at one position. Carter has played 13 seasons in the NFL and 192 games without missing a game due to injury.

I had a chance to spend a couple of minutes with the Gator great and asked him about playing 99 consecutive games and still having the fire to be a great player in the NFL. The Bucs open up Friday night against the New England Patriots in Tampa for preseason action.

Enjoy my audio interview with Kevin!

TRANSCRIPT: (Audio below)

BRADY ACKERMAN:  Alright, we’re with Kevin Carter here on The Brady Ackerman Show.  Uh, Kevin…finally get to hit somebody else here coming up on Friday night.  What’s that going to be like?

KEVIN CARTER:  Well, training camp is a necessary evil, but helps to get ready, you know, for the regular season, and all the frustration we’re taking out on each other, you know…hitting each other.  It’s just going to be good to get out there and get against some real competition.  I mean it’s an exhibition game, but it’s going to give us some good exposure to a good offense.

BRADY ACKERMAN:  I know they released the depth chart yesterday.  You were listed at defensive end.  Do you see yourself playing end, or are going to work both spots, kind of like you did in Miami?

KEVIN CARTER:  I work all over.  (laugh) I think the reason…one of the reasons I’m here is to really provide, you know, a bunch of versatility.  We have a lot of guys that can do a lot of different things, and it’s good for us to have, you know, so much versatility.  Especially up front and depth as well.

BRADY ACKERMAN:  One of the things in your career has been durability.  You haven’t missed hardly any games in your career.  Do you have any secrets you offer to these young guys, like Gaines Adams and stuff, on how to play in this league for a long time and not get injured?

KEVIN CARTER:  You know what?  It’s a lot of luck.  I’m really blessed, and try to live right and…take care of my body.  You know?  Work out hard in the off season.  I mean, there really is no off season anymore.  And through these years, man, just, you know…staying focused and staying in shape is the biggest thing.

BRADY ACKERMAN:  You’ve seen a lot of good defensive coordinators.  Now you’re playing for Monte Kiffin.  Your thoughts on him so far in camp.

KEVIN CARTER:  I’ve always been a big fan of this defense.  You know, for years I’ve watched this defense play and when I had the chance to be a part of it, I took advantage of it.  ‘Cause I really am impressed with, you know, what we’re able to get done here.  I mean it’s a great defense.  Monte Kiffin has a great defensive mind, and it shows.

BRADY ACKERMAN:  A lot of people think maybe the defense is sliding.  It’s carried this franchise for many years.  What are your impressions of the guys around you so far in camp?

KEVIN CARTER:  No, I think this off season, assembling the guys that we have and getting some fresh new guys has really helped us up front.  I don’t think we’re sliding at all.  I think if anything we’re just, you know, reloading and repositioning ourselves to have a great year on defense.

BRADY ACKERMAN:  Kevin, thanks for your time.

KEVIN CARTER:  No problem.

BRADY ACKERMAN:  Kevin Carter with us here, on The Brady Ackerman Show.