Under Armour Chat Transcript

Last night, we held an impromptu moderated chat with Gator Country’s Recruiting Coordinator in Justin Wells to answer questions about the Under Armour events, Greg Reid, and much more. At one time 166 folks popped in and it was quite fun — here’s a transcript for those of you who missed out:

GallantGator: Well, the second annual Under Armour game practices are in the books, and what a week it’s been!

GallantGator: Obviously a lot of juicy stuff going on in Orlando, so I will share a few quick tidbits, and then open it up for questions

GallantGator: First off, the Greg Reid situation has been terribly interesting…

GallantGator: I know it looks bleak if you are paying enough attention to what some of the other sites are saying…

GallantGator: I can’t promise that he will in fact be a part of Florida’s 2009 class

GallantGator: But I will say this…

GallantGator: A lot of people seem to be letting others do the talking for Reid

GallantGator: He hasn’t said anything on the record that could be considered a strong endorsement towards a future commitment to UGA

GallantGator: In fact, when we get the video interview up later…I think you all will be pleasantly surprised by what he has to say

GallantGator: But, I do realize that he could be playing coy with us…so you just never know

Solari: (Those of you new in here, we will have the video up tonight…)

GallantGator: Reid has been pretty chummy with some of the UGA commitments this week (in particular Dexter Moody and Washaun Ealey, who he played alongside in a Georgia all-star game before heading down to the UA event)

GallantGator: But he has been very friendly with Debose and Nu’Keese Richardson

GallantGator: :)

GallantGator: And I will say that he also introduced Cody Jones to his family today…if that tells you something

GallantGator: So…a lot of stuff going on there

GallantGator: To be honest, I think Greg is loving this attention right now

GallantGator: So…I could see him going to Florida or Georgia at this point…maybe somewhere else

GallantGator: Only time will tell

GallantGator: I will say that many (scouts, coaches, recruiting analysts) have been just raving about Reid’s performances this week

GallantGator: So he certainly has impressed a lot of people with his play, and should move up

GallantGator: in the rankings

GallantGator: Alright…let’s open the floor to questions now

tightcherry: Hope Cody didn’t blow it for us

GallantGator: LOL

GallantGator: Me too

jgrayhound: the big question is will his move up the rankings help us or UGA

GallantGator: We will see…I hope Florida, but there certainly is no telling right now

G8RCB: Does the Shannon nonsense help us with any players?

GallantGator: Certainly that’s a possibility

GallantGator: As for immediate impact…I don’t think it will be huge in this class, with the UF staff very close to being done with this group

GallantGator: But down the road…you never know…

gatorsfn10: Any news on how Nu’Keese is doing this week?

GallantGator: Nu’Keese is an incredible athlete

GallantGator: I think he’s been in the bottom half of the receivers here in attendance this week, however

GallantGator: On the black team, he has definitely been overshadowed by Jamal Patterson, Duron Carter, and Andre Debose

GallantGator: People are just raving about Duron Carter

GallantGator: I expect him to get a huge bump from the various recruiting services after this week

GallantGator: His development in the past year is nothing short of remarkable

orangeblue: I really think it’s an attention thing and once he visits UF, he’ll reaffirm

Chris_Martin: Justin, Miami fans are chirping that Prince Kent has been locking down Debose all week..any truth?

GallantGator: Ehhhhh…

GallantGator: Kent has looked pretty good

GallantGator: That seems to be stretching the truth a bit, however…

Bullis33: latest on Debose??

GallantGator: Still hearing a lot of good Florida vibes in Orlando…but you really never know

GallantGator: LSU still wouldn’t surprise me…but I’m sticking with Florida until further notice

blackdiamondbob: who will be our next five verbals

GallantGator: Bostic, Nixon, and Debose are the easy three

GallantGator: It’s gets a little trickier after that

GallantGator: I would say Heimuli and Jelani Jenkins

G8RCB: Do you see us getting any of the other parts the Seminole 3 (other than Debose)?

GallantGator: Not as of today

GallantGator: It will be interesting to see if Ray Ray takes a visit to UF during the month of January

GallantGator: But as of today…no

Solari: BTW Kentucky just scored on a turnover—25-19 with 3 mins to go

tdiddy2: How solid is Gary Brown?

GallantGator: He may take a visit or two this month

GallantGator: But I wouldn’t worry too much about him

GallantGator: He’s solid

bomber2525: Overall who has been the best looking prospect?

GallantGator: Wow…tough question

GallantGator: I spent a lot of time watching the white team this week

GallantGator: Gary Brown has been incredible

GallantGator: He’s up there…along with Matt Barkley, Stanley Hasiak, Alshon Jeffery, and Branden Smith

GallantGator: But Manti Te’o gets my vote

GallantGator: Get has just showed out all week long

GallantGator: And ALL of the kids rave about his ability

GallantGator: That’s the true sign of a great player

gatorfan2004: is Debose a Gator

GallantGator: Still think so, yes

jgrayhound: Any chance we can pull Travis Hawkins?

GallantGator: Nah…he seems content in his decision

GallantGator: I don’t think Florida will take any more corners in this class, anyways

gatorsfn10: knowing him i almost dont want him to pick us on Sun. then change over later

GallantGator: Well…it’s possible that could happen (if you’re talking about Debose), but I don’t think it’s a huge concern since LSU was our fiercest competitor, and he’s already taken an official there

retsyned: How do we stand for Brandon Smith?

GallantGator: Looks to be headed to UGA

GallantGator: That’s the word down here, anyways

Shade45: Any chance Jamal reid comes to UF?

GallantGator: Nah, don’t see it

GallantGator: He needs a UF offer for that to happen

GallantGator: Of course, with what has happened with Greg Reid over the past couple of days…you never know, he could end up getting that offer

gatorchamps0607: is it true Gary Brown has a Gator tattoo?

Solari: Okay folks I have the video in hand (Reid interview) and will be uploading it shortly.

GallantGator: Yes

GallantGator: Brown does have a Gator tattoo

Swampie: Where is Ray Ray leaning too right now do you know?

GallantGator: I still predict Ray Ray and Dye to Miami tomorrow

cbreezeinsider: Gallant who is the one guy we recruited and will not be a Gator that impresses ;you most.

GallantGator: Trent Richardson has looked great this week

GallantGator: He’s a little shorter than I anticipated (probably right at 5-10)

GallantGator: But he is an animal


GallantGator: Chance? Sure.

GallantGator: Will he come to Florida? In all likelihood…no>

tdiddy2: What is the likelihood that DeBose will just pull an orchestrated shocker and sign with Miami in the end? 

GallantGator: Incredibly low

GallantGator: The depth chart does not appeal to him, and reportedly his father isn’t a big fan either…

jjbbq: Hows Jenkins looked, where would he rate compared to the other LBs?

GallantGator: Best LB on the Black team, IMO…only Te’o has looed better

GallantGator: But they are different types of players altogether

GallantGator: Really comparing apples to oranges there

desiredgator: pic of tat?

GallantGator: Hmmmm…we’ll have to work on that for Sunday

cagator: Justin, has Greg Reid actually used the word decommitted ? 

GallantGator: Well, yes…he is not considered a commitment

GallantGator: He didn’t specificially say it to us today

GallantGator: But based on his comments…yeah, he is not a Florida commitment


GallantGator: Not a whole lot, to be honest

GallantGator: Richardson did a lot of grinning when asked about his commitment

GallantGator: He keeps saying you’ll find out on Signing Day

GallantGator: But I expect him to stick with ‘Bama when it’s all said and done

soflgator: Jaccobi McDaniel decommiting from FSU to visit Georgia. LMAO. Their class is going to stink.

GallantGator: Yeah…don’t know about all of that

GallantGator: I heard it

GallantGator: I’ll believe it when I see it

GallantGator: It’s amazing how UGA is getting all of these kids, isn’t it?

GallantGator: That Capital One Bowl win must have impressed a whole lot of people

GallantGator: ;)

Swampie: Miami has Harris, wow, guess Ray Ray doesn’t mind being #2, think Ray Ray can play… What is he playing at in Underarmour?  QB I’d think

GallantGator: Safety…and he says that is what he will play in college

GallantGator: I’ve seen several people throw that Kearse comparison out there, however

GallantGator: I think it’s a valid one, too

Wuerffel5220: they all want to play with matt stafford ;)

GallantGator: I guess so!

GallantGator: :)

dagatorfan: do you think that reid will still be in the UF class

GallantGator: If you put a gun to my head tonight

GallantGator: And asked me that question

GallantGator: I would probably say no

GallantGator: However…I think there’s a lot of time to go

GallantGator: It’s January 1st…as one person put it this week, the fun has only just begun! 

GallantGator: :)

tightcherry: are we entertaining kids on the 23rd or 30th weekends

GallantGator: 30th is a junior day weekend

GallantGator: But yes, things should be closed to wrapped up by the time the weekend of the 16th is over

GallantGator: Might be a half-dozen visits (at most) following that weekend

tjgator: What weekend is our next big recruiting weekend – the 16th?

GallantGator: Correct!

soflgator: Which Richardson are you referring to? Trent or NuKeese?

Solari: Justin, buzz me when you want chat opened up again.

GallantGator: Sorry…I was referring to Trent Richardson when I spoke of the Richardson doing a lot of grinning and saying you’ll find out on Signing Day! 

GallantGator: Will do

G8RCB: who would they go after in place of Reid?

GallantGator: Not sure yet…don’t think even the coaches have had time to consider that

GallantGator: For now…they need to stick with him, and try to see that one through

gatorchamps0607: what really changed with Reid?

GallantGator: Good question

GallantGator: I think his relationships with Moody and Ealey had a lot to do with whatever is going on

GallantGator: I tend to think when they head their separate ways here shortly, that could change things too…

GallantGator: By the way…

GallantGator: Found it interesting…but a among the group of people that Greg introduced Cody too included his family, and a couple of his teachers …both of whom were dressed head to toe in red and black

tjgator: Are they aware of what is going on with Reid?

dagatorfan: just got here

GallantGator: They are now!

GallantGator: LOL

GallantGator: No, I don’t believe they were aware of anything before last night

atrugatfan: as of now who will be here on the 16th

GallantGator: atru…the list in incredible

GallantGator: Could be as many as 15

GallantGator: Richardson, M. Brown, Reid, L. Robinson, Kirkpatrick, J. Jones

GallantGator: Could be a bunch more

gatorfan2004: how many guys will we sign in this up coming class?

GallantGator: Still say around 22

animasgator: Hard to believe we lose Reid – Kid goes to more home UF games than most here

GallantGator: I know…the whole deal is just really funny and strange to me

GallantGator: Almost like… something smells

GallantGator: You know?

tightcherry: looks like we ruined Bama ….:D

GallantGator: :)

gator1182: so debose is looking good?  likely to stick to his choice he makes sunday?  i worry about all those remaining visits with prospects that are committing this weekend.

GallantGator: I think so gator

GallantGator: Let him make the decision first, and then actually go on these visits before worrying…

tbleak12: where is georgia getting all this momentum from?

GallantGator: The Capital One Bowl?!?!?

GallantGator: LOL

GallantGator: I don’t know

GallantGator: Lot of kids playing in this all-star game for them

GallantGator: They’ve done a good job recruiting I guess

GallantGator: In the end…lets see if they actually get these kids

gatormann: Nice showing at the Capital One Bowl too.  Yikes

GallantGator: LOL

GallantGator: They did alright, I suppose

dagatorfan: so if we lose reid who do we replace him with

GallantGator: Jamal Reid is a possibility

GallantGator: UF is looking at Reid as a WR

GallantGator: I believe that is a mistake after this week

GallantGator: He is a corner all the way

GallantGator: Next Lito Sheppard, I’m telling you…

gatorfan2004: how many RB’S and WR’s are we signing also how many OL and DL

GallantGator: Uhhh…

GallantGator: Depends on who wants in

GallantGator: Probably 1 rb, 3 wr, 5 ol, and 5 dl

Wuerffel5220: he does throw the prettiest interception in college football

GallantGator: Stafford?

Solari: Over 155 folks in chat. Thanks for joining us!

GallantGator: No arguements from me!

gatorchamps0607: Will Urban change his tune if Reid is serious about going elsewhere?

GallantGator: Don’t know

GallantGator: They need to try to keep this kid in the fold though

GallantGator: He is a cut above on the football field

daswamp: BAMA DOWN 14-0

Swampie: Utah 14 Bama 0

Shade45: Utah 14-0

SacGator: Go Utes!  :)

cbreezeinsider: Utah 14 Bama 0

GallantGator: Wow

GallantGator: I see we are supporting our SEC brethren tonight!

Swampie: Bama wasn’t ready to play… Justin where do you think our class will rank when it’s all over?

GallantGator: Top ten for sure

GallantGator: Probably top five…depends on how we close

tightcherry: I’d prefer Utah 140-0

G8RCB: what is the biggest need at this point?

GallantGator: I think closing out strong at WR, and on the D-Line

GallantGator: If Tebow doesn’t come back…another player who can play QB, too

tightcherry: Reid played in a Georgia All Star game last week … probably started there

Solari: The video interview has been posted, folks. It is now on our front page.

GallantGator: For his relationships with Ealey and Moody?

GallantGator: Probably right

dagatorfan: do you think if we win the NC that will help sway reid back our way

GallantGator: Nah

GallantGator: That in itself won’t

GallantGator: Just have to work him really hard, the staff will

GallantGator: That’s the only way they can get him to come to Florida

biomedgator: Did UA players have access to the UGA practices?

GallantGator: Nah

GallantGator: Just went to the game

cbreezeinsider: Nothing against Reid, but we have a ton of similar players like him now.

GallantGator: In terms of size…yeah

GallantGator: But Reid…I like the kid a lot

GallantGator: We’ll be fine either way

GallantGator: But he’s someone you want to keep if you can help it

gatorbogey: hope the gators are taking note of what is happening to bama….

tbleak12: what makes reid different from demps or rainey

GallantGator: Well, I look at it from the defensive side of the ball

GallantGator: He is a playmaker extraordinare there

GallantGator: From an offensive perspective, his loss doesn’t hurt as much

GallantGator: But the kid will be an awesome CB one day

gatorfan2004: Do we have any guys on our team now or coming in this coming up class that can almost compare to the way Percy plays. Who will take Percy’s spot? Anyone from this class?

GallantGator: Debose will be the guy

GallantGator: He isn’t Percy…but he’s a big-timer for sure

biomedgator: so they were at the game or watched it on TV?

GallantGator: At the game

sharkey28: eh utah winning and going undefeated gives them a sliver of a chance at a split title

tbleak12: whats the word on nu’keese, how has he been looking?

GallantGator: Looking good, not great

GallantGator: He will need some seasoning, as he played a lot of QB in high school

GallantGator: He definitely is an incredible athlete

GallantGator: Impresses the heck out of me in terms of his skill set

gatorfan2004: how tall is Debose? How fast does he run the 40?

GallantGator: Debose is in that 5-11, 6-0 range

GallantGator: He’s a legit 4.4 guy

cbreezeinsider: Who will be our big tall WR this year?

GallantGator: I don’t know

GallantGator: If it were my choice…I would say Alshon Jeffery

GallantGator: He has torn it up in practices

GallantGator: He’s incredible

Solari: Okay we’re opening up chat

GallantGator: He will be visiting UF on the 31st

SacGator: Jeffery is a major talent.  What about Marlon Brown?

GallantGator: Let’s just say that his coach likes the Gators a LOT

dagatorfan: what are the early entries this year

gatormann: Who are the ones that announce tommorow?

GallantGator: Brown is good…like Jeffery better though

gatorfan2004: Gallant does Debose make the cuts and routs like Percy

ozgator: think tenn. will be our biggest battle for jeffrey

Nicho: so we can talk about the sugar bowl too now?

SacGator: is Brown a leg-humper or do you think we have a legit shot?

Solari: The video interview with Reid is online now: http://www.gatorcountry.com/football_recruiting/article/exclusive_video_interview_with_greg_reid/5317

GallantGator: Early Entries: Alajajian, Finley, Harrison, Herbert, and Parks

Solari: Yes, anything goes in chat now.