Two in-state schools leading the way for Miller Lewis

Along with the 7-on-7 tournament and mini camps taking place this weekend, Florida also hosted offensive and defensive lineman for a camp on Friday.

Class of 2020 offensive tackle Miller Lewis (6-3, 298, Ocala, FL Vanguard) made the short trip to Gainesville for his second visit with the Gators.

“It was an amazing feeling, because I’ve already been up here one time,” said Lewis. “It was just a real pleasure to be back here again and put on the blue and orange.”

During the camp, Lewis got the chance to work out and get some coaching from offensive line coach Brad Davis and head coach Jim McElwain. He thinks his performance in camp helped him prove himself to the staff.

“It gives them a real good look at me,” he said. They see what I can actually do even though I don’t have pads on, but see that I can move my feet and that I’m actually pretty decent.”

Only entering his sophomore year of high school, Lewis has already picked up offers from Florida, Georgia, Miami and Michigan, among other schools.

While it is still early in his recruiting process, McElwain sent him a message over the weekend that will leave a lasting impression.

“He just said he was ready to get me in that orange and blue,” said Lewis. “He said ‘When you go to bed at night, before you lay your head down, I just want you to sit there and think how good you’ll look in that orange and blue’.”

After this weekend, it looks like Florida and Miami are in a tight race to land Lewis, as those are the two schools making him a priority.

“At this point, Florida is really tied with Miami right now, because they keep the most contact with me.”

While the Gators and Hurricanes are running away with Lewis right now, he doesn’t plan to shut down his recruiting process any time soon. He wants to make the most of his recruiting experience and take every opportunity he is presented with over the next few years.

“That’s most likely going to be senior year,” Lewis said of when he wants to make his commitment. “Because until that senior year comes, I wanna travel the world. I know some colleges are gonna pay for me and my family to fly out, so I figure why not just take the advantage and actually go where I want to go.”