St. Louis WR impresses at Florida camp

Jehu Chesson II is on a quest to find a football family. This week, that quest brought him to the Sunshine State as he visited Florida and Miami. The 6-foot-3, 183 pound wide receiver from Ladue Horton Watkins School in St. Louis, Missouri camped at the University of Florida on Tuesday and said he liked the coaches and people he met. For Chesson, that strong football community is what he wants.

“Football is football wherever you go,” Chesson said.

“It’s just the people you surround yourself with when you go to that school, that’s kinda what I’m looking at. That’s going to be, along with academics, the basis of my decision.”

But what does he think about Florida?

“The program is fantastic. They’re national championship contenders year in and year out. That’s saying a lot about their program,” Chesson said.

“The campus is a great campus, big campus actually. I was impressed a lot of the students get around on scooters, I thought that was pretty cool.”

Chesson spent the morning in workouts and the afternoon in the Swamp doing one-on-one drills with some Florida Coaches. He got to spend a lot of time with Coach Aubrey Hill, who he met last year at a camp in Miami.

“I was satisfied with my performance, I was pretty successful and I thank God for that,” Chesson said.

“I don’t know how they evaluated me, they said I did a good job, but there are so many other players out there like me so I don’t know where I stand. But it is what it is, I just keep moving forward and hopefully something good happens.”

Chesson has many offers: Michigan, Purdue, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Cincinnati, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, just to name a few. He’s not sure whether or not he expects to add Florida to that list, but he thinks he’s definitely in the running.

“They have three spots, and I definitely think I’m a contender for one of those spots, but basically every wide receiver that wants to go there is a contender for those spots,” Chesson said.

Earlier this week, Chesson spent some time at the University of Miami. He said there’s a lot to like about The U.

“The environment, I like it, the coaching, I feel Al Golden can really put them back on the map,” Chesson said.

He is also quite impressed with Miami Wide Receivers Coach George McDonald.

“He’s a very good coach, he’s probably one of the best coaches I’ve ever met in terms of his attitude to the game and his attitude as a person,” he said.

Chesson plans to visit Stanford later this summer, but he’s taking his time to make his college decision. He wants to continue to visit schools, meet coaches, and form relationships, because at the end of the day, those strong relationships are what matter to him most.

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