Recruits sound off on Florida’s season

The 2013 football season is upon us and your Florida Gators will take the field on Saturday afternoon to begin their quest for a national championship against Toledo.

Gator Country has been talking to prospects all across the country to get their opinions and predictions on the upcoming season for Florida.

2015 offensive lineman Tristen Hoge

“From what I saw at the practice during my unofficial visit, it seems that they are really strong up front offensively and defensively, no doubt. They have definite speed in the backfield and a spot on quarterback. The receivers are dialed in as well as the rest of the defense. I see them going very far this year.”

2014 offensive lineman Tyrell Crosby

“I feel like they will have a good year.”

2014 offensive lineman Isaiah Wynn

“UGA going to beat them again. Go Dawgs.”

2015 defensive lineman Trent Thompson

“I think they can go all the way with their quarterback.”

2014 offensive lineman Travaris Dorsey

“Undefeated! No Doubt.”

2014 linebacker Dwight Williams

“I can’t predict the win/loss record, but I’ll say they will compete in a bowl if not the big one.”

2015 defensive lineman Albert Huggins

“I think they are going to have a great season. The defensive linemen are going to do great with Coach Lawing.”

2016 cornerback Tre Jackson

“I see them having a breakout season due to their talent.”

2015 defensive lineman Ricky Deberry Jr.

“I believe Florida is going to make it to the SEC Championship. If everyone stays healthy, they make it to the National Championship. The speed of the team is tremendous.”

2014 offensive lineman Ben Knox

“The defense is always there if the offensive game has improved, we’ll be hard to stop.”

2015 defensive lineman Kendrick Norton

“I think they will be good, they have a solid defense and are well coached. From what I see they have a good offensive line and skill set to match.”

2015 running back Jordan Scarlett

“I feel like they will go to the SEC Championship.”

2015 defensive lineman DeAndre Walker

“SEC Championship, if they want it bad enough.”

2014 offensive lineman Demetrius Knox

“I feel like they’ll have the exact same year like last year.”

2014 tight end C’yontai Lewis

“I say they win 12 games and won’t lose more than one.”

2015 linebacker Jeffrey Holland

“All the way.”

2014 defensive lineman Jarran Reed

“I think they are going to be great. I think the strength this year is the defense and the receiving core. I think both backs are going to have a break out year.”

2015 receiver Shawn Burgess

“They should make the National Championship this year.”

2015 defensive lineman Michael Barnett

“I believe they’re gonna be great. Still, through any circumstances, they’ll play hard-knock Gator football.”

2015 offensive lineman George Brown

“I think they should have a pretty good season but it is always a tough game when playing in the SEC.”

2014 defensive end Dewayne Hendrix

“I can see them in the National Championship this year.”

2016 receiver Tyler Byrd

“ We should be very good this year, especially at the running back position and with a strong defense to lead us.”

2015 cornerback Tyrek Cole


2014 running back Tony James

“Should be a great one, I think nothing short of a BCS title.”

2014 receiver Ryeshene Bronson


2015 tight end Garrett Williams

“They have a tough schedule but I think they will have a good year.”

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