RECRUITING: Wilson still committed

Nease OG James Wilson continues to be pursued by programs across the country, despite his verbal commitment to USC. Wilson shares with us the coaches he still talks to, as well as his possible visit plans between now and Signing Day.

Though rumors have been going around about Wilson possibly taking visits, he still maintains his commitment.

“Yes, I am still committed to USC,” Wilson said.

Though still firmly committed, the five star offensive guard still hears from some of the Florida coaching staff.

“I still talk to some of the Florida coaches, probably Coach Mattison the most,” Wilson said. “And of course Timmy (Tebow) and I still talk quite a bit.”

The most consistent rumor about James Wilson over the past few weeks has been that he will visit Wake Forest. Wilson says this is not the case.

“No, I’m not visiting Wake Forest,” Wilson said of the recent rumors. “I’m not sure about visiting Florida though.

“Right now I would probably say maybe. It just depends on how it fits into my schedule for year, especially when school gets started back in January.”

The 6-5, 305 pound guard talked about his official visit to USC, and what he enjoyed about seeing the school.

“I took my official to USC when they played Notre Dame,” Wilson said. “It was a good atmosphere out there, and it was cool that it was a night game. I got to meet a lot of people out there, so that was really good too.”

Playing at Nease, Wilson gets to play with current Gator commitment, cornerback Justin Grant.

“Justin Grant is a class act,” Wilson said of his teammate. “I think he’s going to make a great gator. I got to see him everyday in practice, so I’ve seen how hard he works. He’s going to be a huge asset to the Florida program.”

Though Wilson says he may visit Florida officially, he has already seen the Gators play live twice this season.

“I’ve been to Gainesville twice this year unofficially,” Wilson said. “I went to the Alabama game and then the South Carolina game.

“That South Carolina game was crazy. It all came down to one play, and Jarvis Moss stepped up on special teams. That’s what you like to see.”

While James Wilson is still committed to USC, Florida would love to get him in for an official visit and avoid losing a top offensive lineman to an out of state team.