RECRUITING: Torrey Davis Big on Academics

In order to achieve his desire of reaching the next level top rated defensive tackle Torrey Davis understands he requires the discipline of Urban Meyer. Davis isn’t merely referring to the National Football League- he’s talking about life itself.

Prioritization. Organization. Structure. Self-discipline.

These are just a few of the things Torrey Davis is counting on acquiring from Urban Meyer, Stan Drayton, Greg Mattison and the rest of the Florida staff. As Davis spoke, it was clearly evident that he wishes his academic pursuits were as highly regarded as his dominating play for the Armwood High School Hawks.

“His uniqueness,” Davis said when asked about the appeal of Florida head coach Urban Meyer. “How he goes about stuff. His strictness. I need strictness. I need strict rules. Don’t do this or this or you’ll be punished, because they have consequences for this. That’s the type of person he is- he’s real strict. I love that. I love their staff. I love their d-line coach. I fell in love with all of it last year, my junior year, about this time last year.”

“I talk to Stan Drayton more than I do anybody,” he said. “I love Stan. He’s a real good person. He gets on my case and shows that fatherly love. Sometimes people need that.”

Initially, Davis spoke optimistically about his academic efforts. A little later he said that he acted on the advice of those at Armwood, the Florida coaching staff, and those close to him to put his plan into action. He is obviously trying to right the wrongs and further motivate himself to improve.

“They told me what I needed to do and they pretty much told me that I have until this point in time to get this stuff ready,” Davis said of his academic hurdles. “I’m trying to get at that point where I’m older and more mature. I can’t have everybody doing everything for me, so I took it upon myself. If I need to come here (Armwood High School) and do some work and get away from family and get some peace and quiet and do some schoolwork. It’s just my life right now is revolving around my school. I think this is the most that I’ve ever done in my life, but it’s worth it though. I’ve got a tutor and a mentor- everything you can imagine- just putting priorities first.”

“I don’t think that I’m going to qualify,” he said when first asked if he will qualify. “I know that I’m going to qualify. My GPA went up dramatically from being at this school until nine o’clock at night doing work on the computer, making up classes, everyday, all day- Saturday and Sunday….I just took the SAT and I don’t know what I got on it yet, but I think it’s pretty good, because I’ve been studying and doing all kinds of stuff.”

Davis desperately wants to be a part of the Florida family.

“I’ve put my name on that sheet of paper (Letter of Intent),” Davis said smiling. “Now, they’ve (Florida) got my life for the next four years. I want to contribute to their welfare. If they needed me, I’d go up right now. I just want to go up there and get ready for next year.”

It would be hard to imagine Davis finding a better role model than former Florida All-American offensive tackle Mike Pearson. The Armwood graduate was at today’s celebration, congratulating Davis, the full contingent of Hawks players signing their names on the dotted line, as well as, coaches and friends.

“He is just a cool real down to earth person,” Davis said. “He doesn’t act like he’s been in the NFL. I love Mike Pearson.”

“I can’t put it into words,” he said of his appreciation for all that he experienced at Armwood High School. “I just want to cry, you know? Some people show emotion differently. I love this school. I’ve been here for four years and it’s running through my veins. I bleed Armwood Hawks. But, it’s time to go on. I can’t be here forever. So, I’ll just take it with me to Florida with the Gators.”

Torrey Davis is a young man with a genuine eagerness to learn and grow. His desire to improve these various facets of his life that he recognizes need fostering coupled with his love and admiration of team make Torrey Davis that 1% of the 1%. And that my friends is very easy to root for- no matter what colors you wear.