Recruiting podcast: Kelvin Taylor

Gator Country’s Sean Crawford and Andrew Spivey do an in-depth interview with future Florida Gators running back Kelvin Taylor, who began a string of six verbal commitments with his pledge during a junior day event at UF last month.

Taylor broke the state’s career rushing record last season and is following in his father’s footsteps by playing at Florida. His dad is former NFL and Gators rusher Fred Taylor.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the transcript to listen to the full audio from Gator Country’s exclusive interview with Kelvin Taylor. Check back for future podcasts on Thursdays of each week.

SEAN CRAWFORD: Welcome in to another edition of’s recruiting podcast. I am Sean Crawford joined by recruiting analysts Andrew Spivey. On this edition we will talk to running back commit and class of 2013 Kelvin Taylor. Before we do so, Andrew can you give the listeners an idea of what he is going to bring to the table for Brent Pease and Will Muschamp’s backfield.

ANDREW SPIVEY: Kelvin is going to bring a back that is going to be a powerful back; a guy that is not going to go down on the first tackle. He’s going to bring a pro-style offensive running back. He’s a guy that is going to bleed orange and blue for Florida and he’s a guy who is going to represent Florida well on and off the field.

SEAN CRAWFORD: Let’s welcome in Kelvin right now. Kelvin, you’re a guy who’s committed early to Will Muschamp. You’ve stated your love for the orange and blue. How does it feel to finally know you’re going to be a Gator and you will be playing football in Gainesville?

KELVIN TAYLOR: It’s just great and I’m so blessed to have this opportunity. I’ll cherish every moment of it and thank God. I’m just ready to do work on the field. I’m excited for December of next year because I’m leaving early. I’m ready to get to Gainesville and do good.

ANDREW SPIVEY: Now Kelvin, we had talked before when you committed and you told me your dad didn’t really push you to Florida. How much did he talk to you about Florida and how special was it for you to put on the jersey that you watched your dad put on when you were a little kid?

KELVIN TAYLOR: Very special. My dad just told me to do the best thing for you. I’ve been watching Florida since I was little and I just always liked the coaching style and I always liked the town of Gainesville. It’s great football up there. It’s a great tradition and I just love SEC football. That’s why I really picked Florida. They also have a great academics program and great coaching staff. Coach Hill and Coach Muschamp are some great dudes and I’m ready to get up there and make them proud.

ANDREW SPIVEY: When Coach Muschamp was recruiting you, Coach Weis was there for a little bit, but now it’s Coach Pease. Talk a little bit about what they told you as far as what they expect from you and tell everybody what you will bring to Florida.

KELVIN TAYLOR: They told me they expect the best out of me. They gave me a scholarship and I think I deserve it. [inaudible] I’ll block well for my quarterback, for anyone. I’m basically going to try to win the Heisman Trophy and a National Title.

SEAN CRAWFORD: Looking at some of your teammates. There’s ten of you committed from the class of 2013 already. Can you talk about the relationships you’ve built with those guys and what’s your relationship with fellow running back commit Adam Lane?

KELVIN TAYLOR: I talked to him a few times on Facebook, but I really haven’t talked to him on the phone really or nothing like that. I talked to a couple more guys, but I haven’t talked to Adam Lane in person.

ANDREW SPIVEY: Coach Muschamp has made the style and he wants you guys to be actively recruiting other guys. Talk a little bit about what he’s told you behind the scenes of what he wants you to do recruiting wise and talk about who you’re recruiting.

KELVIN TAYLOR: I really haven’t had time to do it because I’ve been doing track and working out and doing other things. I’m definitely going to start doing that sometime this week or next week.

ANDREW SPIVEY: Do you have plans to get up and check out Florida’s practice and the spring game?

KELVIN TAYLOR: Yes sir yes sir. I’m definitely going to be at the practices and I’m definitely going to be at the spring game.

ANDREW SPIVEY: Talk a little bit about Coach Pease. What do you know about Coach Pease’s offense and how has your relationship with Coach Pease been? And talk a little bit about your relationship with Coach White the running back coach.

KELVIN TAYLOR: Coach Pease is a great guy. I haven’t had that much time to talk to him. I talked to him when I got up there for 20-25 minutes and he’s a great guy. Coach Pease runs a great offense. I know he’s talking about getting back to running a pro-style offense. Coach White is a great running back coach with Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey. I really have some respect for every Florida Gator. They are all great guys.

SEAN CRAWFORD: Kelvin, you’ve won state titles, you’ve broken state records. What else is there for you to work on moving into your senior year of high school football?

KELVIN TAYLOR: I’m definitely working on just working hard; just don’t take a play off and always trust my eyes. I will work on my stiff arm and catching in the backfield. Blocking. Blocking is the main thing a great running back has to have. My dad always expressed that to me. Blocking blocking blocking, blocking blocking.

SEAN CRAWFORD: Kelvin, will you be attending any combines or camps this summer?

KELVIN TAYLOR: No sir. None at all. Just working out and getting ready for my senior season and getting ready for college.

ANDREW SPIVEY: You talked about how it’s your senior season and you said you’re going to early enroll. How important to you as a running back will it be to get on campus in January and have six months before your future teammates get on campus in the summer. How important to you is that and how much do you think that will benefit you?

KELVIN TAYLOR: I think it will benefit me a lot. I’ll get to learn the playbook early and get familiar with all the guys faces on the team. I’ll get to learn the town of Gainesville. I think it will benefit me a lot. I’ll get used to the speed of practices and the spring game. It should be a very exciting time.

ANDREW SPIVEY: You said you weren’t going to go to camps. Are you going to make it to Florida a lot or are you going to try and stay away from Florida a little bit.

KELVIN TAYLOR: I’m going to be in Gainesville often. [I’ll be there] a lot this summer, hanging out with a couple of my friends already on the football team. Definitely getting all my class work done before I leave in January.

ANDREW SPIVEY: How has the reaction been to you since you committed. Have you seen a lot of support from Florida fans?

KELVIN TAYLOR: I have been seeing a lot of support from Florida fans. I can tell you one thing about those fans. They bleed orange and blue. They love football players. Gators fans are the best fans out there and I can’t wait to see that place fill up.

SEAN CRAWFORD: Would you like to say one thing to the Gator fans before we wrap this podcast up?

KELVIN TAYLOR: I just can’t wait to get in a Gator uniform and ready to do a great job for them and make them proud.

SEAN CRAWFORD: Well thanks for joining us Kelvin and good luck in your senior season. That’s going to wrap up this edition of’s recruiting podcast for recruiting analyst Andrew Spivey; I am Sean Crawford. As always, stay tuned for more recruiting podcasts right here at