RECRUITING: Martin seeks early experience

Cincinnati (OH) La Salle defensive end Ben Martin made an unofficial trip to Knoxville (TN) to see the Vols and the Florida Gators square off in a pivotal game in the SEC East. He wasn’t disappointed with the game as it was oneof the best games in the season so far. Martin had a great time at the game and really liked what he saw on the field and off from both teams.

Living only three and a half hours from Knoxville, Martin decided to make the trip to see the two ranked conference foes square off. “Yeah I went to Tennessee unofficially,” Ben Martin said Tuesday night. “I got there about 4:30 that day. I was at the Vol walk and met with the coaches. It was stuff that you do at every game. It was a good visit to me. I saw that Tennessee had a great crowd. They get really excited and I got to see a really good game.”

While he is still taking a look at several schools, there are four that stand out for Ohio defender. Tennessee, Florida, Ohio State, and Notre Dame are all early candidates to get a trip from Martin. Here’s his thoughts on each school:

Tennessee: “There was a lot of courage from Justin Harrell. He is a great guy and he was a great player. When they lost I could see that it was very emotional for them. The crowd was just so in to it, I loved the atmosphere. Talked to the coaches after the game, they were pretty casual and real disappointed with the loss. They said they had good effort.”

Florida: “They just go after the ball so hard. They don’t need any help, the front people just get in there so quick. They know how to do it down there. Yeah, it was one of the more attacking defenses I have seen. I would love to play in a place like that. I talked to Coach Mattison a little bit about the game. They are losing a lot of guys and it would be a great thing if I could get that experience early.”

Ohio State: “They are always good on defense. Just watching them in the Texas game, they played a lot of players. They go after it too.”

Notre Dame: “They don’t have a lot of speed on defense really. I could help them if I went there.”

Martin is most interested in fitting in with the players on campus. He knows his top schools all have most of the intangibles, but the people at the school are most important.

“To me it is just how I fit in with that class above me,” Martin said. “I want to see how I can gel and work well with the people that are already there. All the coaches and places are great so I think I need to see who I can play with the best.”

He plans on visiting the above teams at sometime, but there are only a couple of planned trips right now.

“I might be going to the Notre Dame game against Stanford in a few weeks for an unofficial,” he said.

“I have to go to the Ohio State – Michigan game, that one is mandatory. I have this friend at school that loves Michigan and he wrote ‘I love Michigan’ in my notebook when I wasn’t looking. I am not going to take him, I am just going to call him and mess with him while I am there.”

“Most of my visits I am going to set up after the season I want to concentrate on my season and not get tired.”

Ben Martin is looking at some of the biggest names in college football. He is in a position to write his ticket to where he wants to go. Gator Country will be there to follow him on the entire journey.