RECRUITING: Brewster talks Florida visit

In a year top heavy with great high school offensive tackles, Orlando Edgewater’s Michael Brewster is near the very top. Holding offers from almost every major college football program, his name will be constant in the recruiting circles around the nation. Brewster updates us on his visit to Florida this weekend, as well as sharing his relationship with some of the other top tackles in the nation.

In only his first football season at Edgewater High School after transferring from Lake Highland prep, Michael Brewster simply dominated his competition. The reputation he has gained throughout the nation as an offensive tackle with a nasty streak has obtained him offers from some of the top schools in the nation.

This weekend he was a visitor to the University of Florida, a school he not only claims an offer from, but also lists in his top three.

“I got there on Sunday morning around 10 in the morning,” Brewster said. “It was great. I had breakfast with Coach Meyer.”

“I got to spend a lot of good time with Coach Meyer,” said Brewster. “He gave me his full attention Sunday and talked a lot with me. We even talked a lot during the game, which was cool because we got to sit on the side of the court. I also got to talk to Coach Addazio and Coach Hevesy.”

“It was fun after the game, too,” Brewster said. “Coach Meyer and I got to drive around in the golf cart around the campus. I left around 3 o’clock, but it was overall an awesome visit.”

However, the attention from the Florida coaches did not begin this weekend. The 6-6, 305 pound offensive tackle says that he is often in contact with the Florida coaches, and hears from them multiple times a week.

“I talk to Coach Meyer about once a week,” Brewster said. “I also talk to Coach Hevesy, Coach Addazio, and Coach Strong. They already told me they were going to recruit me very hard.”

“I was just talking to Coach Hevesy today and he was talking about how Florida has the most guys in the NFL draft this year. I get a text just about every day from one of the coaches there.”

A highlight of visiting the Florida campus this Sunday was the opportunity to visit the O’Connell Center on a day when the men’s basketball team took on one of their most bitter rivals, the Kentucky Wildcats. The atmosphere provided an opportunity for Brewster to see the support for the overall athletic program, and he came away impressed with what he saw.

“It was actually the first college game of that size that I’ve ever been to,” Brewster said. “So with a crowd like that, it was really good.”

As good as the visit was for Brewster, he claims that the top three schools of interest still remain the same.

”Right now, I would say my top three schools are Florida, Ohio State, and USC,” Brewster said. “I really couldn’t put a top five together with the other schools I’m interested in, but I’d say Alabama and Georgia are still in it.”

With some of his unofficial visits out of the way, he has now seen two of his top three schools.

“I’ve been to Ohio State already,” Brewster said. “I’ve also been to Florida State and Michigan.”

Already having been to Ohio State once, Brewster claims that there is a lot that the school offers him.

”I like a lot about Ohio State,” Brewster said. “It’s a great campus and I like their facilities a lot. I also have a great relationship with their coaches. You can’t go wrong with a school like that.”

A lot has already been made about Brewster’s relationship with fellow offensive tackle recruits, J.B. Shugarts and Mike Adams.

”I met those two guys this summer at some camps,” Brewster said. “I talk to J.B. (Shugarts) almost every other day online. We’ve gotten pretty tight. I talk to Adams a lot, too. We’ve been trying to figure out when to meet up when I visit Ohio State since he lives a little bit away from campus.”

“We’ve talked about playing together,” Brewster said. “I don’t really know if it will happen, but it’s definitely possible.”

One friendship that should help Gator nation in the recruitment of the Edgewater prospect lies between Brewster and Lorenzo Edwards, who recently signed with the Gators.

”Lorenzo and I have a good relationship. It was actually the first year we played together, since I transferred in, but we got to know each other really well. During football, we were always on two different sides of the ball, so I’d say we really got close during basketball season.”

As the recruiting process continues, Michael Brewster will continue to be one of the hardest recruited prospects in the nation. The early enrollee also wants to make his decision sometime during this summer or fall.