RECRUITING: All-American to announce at bowl

Offensive tackle Anthony Davis and the Piscataway Township football team just finished their regular season at 8-1 and are headed to the playoffs that start on Saturday. The Army All-American is of course a big reason for the success of his team. College coaches would love to attain the services of the big man, and it appears that three are currently at the head of the pack.

Ranked as the #2 offensive tackle, Davis continues to be highly recruited by schools all over the nation. The recruiting process may be growing old for Davis as the phone continues to ring and the text messages continue to come in.

“It’s getting a little crazy right now, but it’s something you’re thankful to deal with,” Davis said Sunday. “I’m still looking at Ohio State, Rutgers, and Florida. I’m hearing from those three a lot.”

Even though Davis claims interest in these three schools, he also says his top three is fluid at this point in the recruiting process. However, he does see similarities in the three schools he lists.

“It’s pretty much the same thing with all my schools,” he said. “They’re all playing great football this year and all are going to be very good teams in the future. I could see myself playing football at any of those three.”

The 6’5.5”, 330 pound offensive tackle has decided to stop looking at two schools.

“I’m not really looking at Miami too much anymore, and I’m not looking too much at USC either. It’s just too far away.”

While participating staying busy on the field and with his studies, Davis has not had time to go on any official visits. However he will begin to start scheduling them, currently having only one visit planned.

“I don’t have any official visits set up, but I think I’m going to visit Ohio State the week after the championship game. He said. “I plan on talking to my coach this week about the rest of my visits. I want to learn more about the other programs.”

The five-star lineman also has decided the criteria necessary for a school to to receive his letter of intent on signing day.

“I really want my school to have good football tradition, good academics, and I would like to have the chance to play early. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to decide at the Army All-American Game.”

Anthony Davis knows exactly what he is looking for in his school and now plans to wait out the process until he has enough information to make the right decision. He has the size and athleticism any college coach would love to use as a bookend offensive lineman.