Florida Gators Recruiting Mailbag

As always, Andrew Spivey is back again this week to answer your questions in this week’s Florida Gators recruiting mailbag.

Q.) Do you think we will fill all of our remaining position needs with high quality players?

A.) I’m not sure that Florida will fill the need at linebacker but the rest of the positions, yes, I do.

Q.) Are there any linebackers with an interest in UF? If so, is there any that we would take, meaning would we use those slots for a position of more need? How does 2015 look for offensive line, linebacker, defensive line and wide receiver?

A.) Raekwon McMillian is the linebacker with the most interest in Florida, followed by Clifton Garrett. The 2015 class is loaded in all three positions and especially in the state of Florida.

Q.) I know in my Lorenzo Featherston thread you said you were trying to get in touch with his coaches. Did you talk to them and did any new information come from it?

A.) No, I haven’t gotten anything from them yet. I do know that he went to Clemson this past weekend and had a great time according to people there.

Q.) What the status of David Sharpe?

A.) Florida is in shape with David Sharpe and I expect him to visit Florida soon.

Q.) How does our linebacker board look?

A.) Raekwon McMillan and Clifton Garrett sit atop of the board.

Q.) How many players do we take in this class?

A.) 22-25

Q.) Should we expect any in season commits or are we looking at mostly January commits from here on out?

A.) Mostly December/January commits but things change with that all the time. Jamal Adams announces in November, so that could be one.

Q.) How many recruits do the coaches want for 2014? Do you think we will have more than 20 commits?

A.) 22-25. Yes, I do think Florida will have more than 20.

Q.) Any positions the coaching staff is concerned about coming up short?

A.) Defensive line is a concern, as well as signing a linebacker.

Q.) If you had to pick their #1 recruiting target on the board, who would that be?

A.) Lorenzo Carter followed closely by David Sharpe.

Q.) Are there Florida high school coaches who try to steer their players away from the Gators?

A.) There are a few that I have heard of but I don’t feel comfortable divulging that information because it’s all rumors.

Q.) Do any of the potential receiver recruits ever express concern about Florida’s passing game?

A.) Some, but you mostly hear them talk about how they can be the one to change that.

Q.) What’s the overall feeling with offensive recruits regarding Pease’s offense?

A.) Pease and Muschamp are selling that they need more pieces in the offense to make it more explosive.

Q.) Will you predict the recruits we get as of today on the defensive side of the ball?

A.) Cory Thomas, Jamal Adams, Adoree’ Jackson, Lorenzo Carter and a JUCO defensive lineman.

Q.) Did our chances with A. Scott and R. McMillan slip a bit with the Clemson atmosphere and win over UGA?

A.) Not really, one game will not decide anything.

Q.) Are we slipping with Josh Malone since he has scheduled official visits to UGA, FSU, Tenn and Clemson but not UF?

A.) Yes, Florida is slipping with Malone a good amount right now. I think Georgia is the team to beat.

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