Johnson loved the Florida Gators atmosphere


The Florida Gators FNL hosted some of the top juniors and seniors in the country. The Gators also hosted a crop of extremely talented 2020 recruits. Among those being 6’3 185lb wide receiver Taji Johnson from Marietta.

The visit to Florida was a great experience for Johnson. He loved everything from the campus to the way the Florida players handle themselves.

“I loved the visit,” Johnson told “I love the campus, I love how everything works, I love how they carry themselves, I love how the athletes carry themselves. It’s just all around great.”

Johnson had the opportunity to learn and spend some time around wide receivers coach Kerry Dixon. The way that Dixon coaches really stood out to Johnson.

“I talked to coach Dixon a good bit,” he said. “He gives me pointers on what you need to do and what not to do. He’s real with you, so he’ll tell you what you need to work on, but then if you do something good, he’ll praise you for it. Just all the coaches come in and make you feel like family. I love it.”

Johnson identifies himself as a red zone threat. Having the ability to go up and grab a 50/50 ball in the end zone is something that Johnson prides himself on.

“I think I’d be more of a red zone threat. I think that’s what I see myself as. I can go open field, but red zone threat is what I like. I think I’m very effective in that area.”

So far in the recruiting process Oregon and Buffalo are the only offers that Johnson has at the moment. More offers are sure to start flowing in for this talented receiver.

“I have received offers from the University of Oregon and the University of Buffalo, so I did go to Buffalo for the Junior Day, and I have not been to Oregon yet, but I plan to go.”

Johnson says that the atmosphere at the swamp is game changer and something that is very special.


“The Swamp is something that makes Florida stand out,” Johnson said. “Friday Night Lights in The Swamp. I loved it. I loved the crowd, I loved the atmosphere, I loved the hype. The competition is what I really look forward to in camp I haven’t seen any other schools do that the way they do it here and that’s what I love about this place.”