Hollywood Bob’s Private Screening

Hollywood Bob’s Private Screening is where you find the latest on UF’s football recruiting and more. In this episode we will concentrate on recruiting with a dash of Gator and opponent team stuff thrown in.

I have to start with the Miami baloney about Deonte Thompson. As I pointed out in the article posted yesterday, why in their right mind would anyone want to play offense in that dump of an offense at Miami?  Sure, they can sell Thompson on being the man, but with their horrible quarterback play they can’t possibly prove they can get him the football. Anyway, it is probably tough for Deonte not to see the field right now, but I hear he is tearing it up on the practice field and there is no way the staff isn’t taking notice of it. In a year the Gators lose Andre Caldwell and probably Cornelius Ingram, those are two of the top three options at receiver right now, so there are a whole lot of passes available next season.

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