GC unveils updated composite rankings

Earlier this week, ESPNU released a new set of recruiting rankings, extending its rankings from the Top 150 prospects in the nation to the Top 300 for the first time ever. GatorCountry.com has now expanded our full 2013 composite recruiting ranking to include the latest updates.

All four major services’ rankings are included in this update, which is the most comprehensive to date. Today we look at the changes to our composite ranking with the addition of the ESPNU 300 and updates to the Rivals 250 and Scout 300.

Florida now boasts 14 commitments in the composite ranking, with 13 of them being ranked in this update. Running back Adam Lane moved out of the “Not Ranked” category, while offensive lineman Cameron Dillard stayed in the “Not Ranked” category after falling out of the rankings in our April update.

Those 14 commitments put Florida tied for second nationally behind only Michigan (18). The Gators are tied with both Alabama and Notre Dame, who each have 14 commitments ranked in the composite.

The Gators and the Tide have the most commitments in the SEC in the composite ranking, followed by Georgia (13), Texas A&M (13), LSU (10), Auburn (6), Ole Miss (5), Missouri (4), South Carolina (4), Tennessee (4), Vanderbilt (2), Arkansas (1), Kentucky (1) and Mississippi State (1).

Florida State has six commitments in the composite ranking, while Miami has five.

Meanwhile, of Florida’s 14 commitments in the composite ranking, three currently rank in the GC Composite 100. That’s good enough for ninth nationally, with Alabama (7), USC (7), Ohio State (6), Michigan (5), Texas (5), Georgia (4) and Oklahoma (4) having more commitments ranked in the GC Composite 100. Penn State also has three commitments ranked in the GC Composite 100.

Auburn is the only other SEC teams with multiple commitments ranked in the GC Composite 100, with two.

Florida’s commitments are ranked as follows, with movement from the previous ranking in parentheses.

34. RB Kelvin Taylor (+5)

39. LB Daniel McMillian (-5)

59. WR Ahmad Fulwood (-12)

111. DL Caleb Brantley (+27)

149. LB Quinton Powell (+57)

154. DB Nick Washington (-42)

188. DB Keanu Neal (+33)

216. LB James Hearns (+4)

286. WR Rodney Adams (-41)

289. OL Josh Outlaw (-41)

319. RB Adam Lane (NR)

353. WR Marqui Hawkins (NR)

423. LB Dillan Lawson (NR)

NR. OL Cameron Dillard (NR)

Florida also has three commitments who have not yet been ranked in the composite ranking during this recruiting cycle. They are listed below:

OL Rod Johnson

DB Tre Bell

You can find our first complete 2013 composite ranking at the link below. We’ve also included tables breaking down the composite ranking below. Overall, there were 476 prospects in the composite ranking, with 439 of them ranked.

Link: GatorCountry.com Composite Rankings

Below you can find a table that shows the schools currently with the most commitments in the updated 2013 composite ranking. The second table shows the schools with the most commitments in the Top 100 of the 2013 composite ranking.

Most commitments in GC Composite Rankings
School Commitments
Michigan 18
Alabama 14
Florida 14
Notre Dame 14
Georgia 13
Texas 13
Texas A&M 13
LSU 10
Ohio State 10
Penn State 7
Auburn 6
Florida State 6
Oklahoma 6
Miami 5
Nebraska 5
Ole Miss 5
Virginia Tech 5
Missouri 4
North Carolina 4
South Carolina 4
Tennessee 4
Most commitments in GC Composite 100
School Commitments
Alabama 7
Ohio State 6
Michigan 5
Texas 5
Georgia 4
Oklahoma 4
Florida 3
Penn State 3
Auburn 2
Notre Dame 2
Oregon 2
Clemson 1
Florida State 1
Miami 1
Stanford 1
Texas A&M 1
Virginia Tech 1