NBA DRAFT: Green goes to Portland

Taurean Green became the fifth Gator to be drafted in the 2007 NBA Draft when the Portland Trail Blazers choose him in the second round at #52.

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ESPN Draft Profile:

Draft Projection: Late first to early second

Notes: Green announced on April 5 that he was declaring for the 2007 NBA draft and forgoing his senior season of college.

Positives: Scoring point guard with good quickness, a good perimeter shot, good court vision and an excellent defender. Great experience running an elite team.

Negatives: Doesn’t dominate in any one area. Not the fastest or quickest point guard. Barely tall enough. A good but not great shooter.

Summary: The least sexy of the Gator prospects, but he’s been incredibly productive for the Gators over the past two years and saved them more than once. Right now he’s on the first-round bubble.