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Keep an eye on Chandler Parsons during the spring and the summer because those skinny arms are starting to fill out with muscle. Parsons is going through a nice growth spurt right now and he’s added 8-10 pounds just since the end of the basketball season back in April. He could be a legitimate 6-10 by the time practice begins in October, too. Parsons played at 205 as a freshman, but the goal is for him to be at 225-230 in the fall with greatly improved strength.

Parsons isn’t the only one who has been hitting the weight room hard. Jai Lucas is starting to fill out. He’s up to 160 now, a 12-pound gain since the end of the season. Lucas wore down physically as the season progressed last year so the added weight should translate into increased stamina.

The strength and conditioning staff is hoping to get a few more pounds of muscle on Nick Calathes before he takes off for Europe to play for the Greek Olympic team. Nick’s up about 4-5 pounds right now (almost at 200) and the goal is somewhere between 205-210. Nick is waiting on his paperwork which will allow him to join the Greek national team for the Olympics. According to Nick’s dad, John, everything has been sent in but nothing will be processed and sent out until sometime in the next week or two after the Greek national tournament is completed. Nick’s brother, Pat Calathes, who averaged 18 per game for St. Joseph’s this year, won’t be on the Greek team because it will conflict with the NBA Draft. Pat is expected to be picked in the first half of the second round…

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