Part III of Carpe Diem 2007

The disappointment of losing in the state Final Four for the third straight year was replaced by a determination to end the frustration with a state championship. The Lake Howell Silver Hawks would have never won that Class 5A championship in 2007 without the bond and camaraderie of teammates that really loved and cared about each other. Part III of Carpe Diem 2007 focuses in on the team, the boys behind the championship.

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John Calathes, who produced this exceptional documentary of one team’s season, made sure he caught the personalities of the kids which you will really see in this segment. You only think you’ve seen a rap video before. Watch the Lake Howell version of the rap video and you’ll start to understand kids from different backgrounds that blended into a band of brothers.

There is also a segment that features Al Pacino’s pre-game speech from the movie “Any Given Sunday” which seems to define one team’s determination to reach for and grab that final rung on a four-year ladder.

So from Gator Country, here is Part III of “Carpe Diem 2007”, again with thanks to John Calathes for sharing this extraordinary work with us.

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