TRANSCRIPT: Chat with Shelley Meyer

Over 400 fellow Gators joined First Lady Shelley Meyer in Gator Country’s moderated chat room Monday night and she answered many great questions with equally great answers. Here’s our chat transcript for those of you who missed out…

Franz Beard (Oct 2, 2006 9:14:11 PM)

how are shelley and the kids adjusting

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:14:34 PM)

We absolutely LOVE Gainesville! All the kids are settled in schools and sports and are very successful. Wonderful community and people and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of it!!!!

Franz Beard (Oct 2, 2006 9:14:54 PM)

cquestion belongs to Gator B

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:16:06 PM)

Okay guys, hold off a bit.

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:16:10 PM)

We need to catch up on the questions.

GatorB (Oct 2, 2006 9:16:19 PM)

Hey Shelley! Do you study football at all? Do you and your husband go over the games and the different plays?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:16:24 PM)

I don’t “study” the game, but I do watch intensely during the game. I don’t go over game planning with urban, but do ask him about certain things later in the week after a game.

KingGator81 (Oct 2, 2006 9:16:47 PM)

Shelley, Whats your favorite place to eat in Gainesville?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:16:53 PM)

Oh, I have several favorite places. I frequent Ballyhoo, Dragonfly, Moe’s, Starbucks, definitely!

gatorbogey (Oct 2, 2006 9:17:18 PM)

Hi Shelly, Urban has enacted alot of new ‘traditions’ in his two years here, and we love them all. Has Urban confided in you a ‘wish list’ of other improvements to the program – whether they be ‘traditions’ or facility improvements? what’s Urban’s ‘Wish List’ of improvements for UF in the coming year or 5-years or 10-years?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:18:34 PM)

Hmmm, he is ALWAYS looking for ways to improve everything he can about a program. NO place in the country is just perfect and needs to change and update and stay competitive in recruiting. He hasn’t shared anything with me on that, but I did read about a possible bubble over the practice field so we can practice when it is storming.

g8terrn (Oct 2, 2006 9:18:40 PM)

Shelley, what has been the most ROCKIN game in the swamp that you have been to??

G8rMom7 (Oct 2, 2006 9:18:46 PM)

How many hours a week during the season is your husband actually at home? And how does he find time for his family?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:19:42 PM)

Wow. There have been a lot of great games. I would have to say last year’s Tenn game in the SWAMP is the best so far. I am hoping BIG that this weekend’s game beats that by a mile!

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:19:57 PM)

Wow, 400 folks in chat!

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:20:12 PM)

You don’t want to know. He is home about 11p every night except Thurs., which is about 8:30p if he has the radio show. He stays with the team on Fridays, so we aren’t seeing him much right now.

pcolagator (Oct 2, 2006 9:20:27 PM)

how has your SEC experience been so far? are the fans crazier than the Mountain West conference?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:21:37 PM)

That is the easiest question I will ever answer! The SEC by FAR the craziest, most passionate, even hostile some times of any conference I have witnessed, and I have seen most of them. No one else “gets it” about the SEC, unless they have been here.

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:21:45 PM)

That is the easiest question I will ever answer! The SEC by FAR the craziest, most passionate, even hostile some times of any conference I have witnessed, and I have seen most of them. No one else “gets it” about the SEC, unless they have been here.

page les paul (Oct 2, 2006 9:21:48 PM)

What type of music do you and Urban listen to? Who are your favorite bands?

dontics (Oct 2, 2006 9:22:35 PM)

Mrs. Meyer, Do you enjoy the recruiting process, meeting the parents and building the relationships?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:22:35 PM)

Well, easy again. Urban ONLY likes Jimmy Buffet. I like a lot of stuff because I teach cycling classes and I need to have a lot of different music to keep my class rockin!

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:23:51 PM)

Oh, didn’t see the question about the parents until now. I love meeting the parents! I want to know who is responsible for these great kids! They are so appreciative of us handling them while they are in college and they are so positive. I love spending time with them, when we get to!

SonicGator (Oct 2, 2006 9:23:54 PM)

Shelley, just wanted to say how blessed we Gators are to have the Meyer family at the helm of Gator Football! Urban’s impact on this program is very evident…and not just in the tough wins on the field, but also in the lives of the players. What one word, to you, sums up Urban’s ability to connect with the player’s, on the field and at a personal level?

Franklin in athens (Oct 2, 2006 9:25:16 PM)

Was it an easy transition from Utah to Florida?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:25:33 PM)

Wow, that’s a tough one. One word…one word is sooooo hard! He cares so much. He wants these guys to have productive lives, whether it involves football later in life, or not. He role models so well. He tough loves them. He’s hard on them, but he loves them! We all do. Our whole staff is committed to getting these guys graduated and successful in every way.

bomber25 (Oct 2, 2006 9:26:27 PM)

How proud was Urban to have an 80% graduation rate this year?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:26:30 PM)

Yes, pretty easy transition, I think, because I wanted to come here. I LOVE Salt Lake and I miss the great friends we made in just 2 years, but I have loved Florida my whole life, since childhood. And of course, I knew what it meant to come here and he involved with the Gators. Very positive move!

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:27:33 PM)

Ohmigosh! You should’ve seen him. He really cares about guys graduating, like I said earlier. Of course, we LOVE to win, but winning involves getting guys to get their degrees, too. He is proud of our guys going to class and putting the work in.

gatorbogey (Oct 2, 2006 9:27:53 PM)

Any negatives about Gainesville or the UF Program you want to see resolved/improved?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:27:55 PM)

Now, 80% is good, but 90 would be better!!!

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:28:46 PM)

Okay folks, please hold off on your questions

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:28:55 PM)

We’re overloaded right now. ;) Thanks.

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:28:58 PM)

The only thing about Gainesville that gets my ire up is the traffic. That’s a common theme, I have learned. I love Gainesville and it has everything my family needs, but that Newberry Rd. traffic is not desireable!!!

yazzy (Oct 2, 2006 9:29:21 PM)

What was your favorite road game that you’ve been to?

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:29:47 PM)

We’ll have to show you some secret shortcuts in town ;)

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:30:29 PM)

Well, I don’t feel comfortable on the road because it’s not HOME; it’s not the swamp. I don’t get treated quite as well on the road. I would say Georgia because there are as many gators as bulldogs. But! I did REALLY love being at Tenn this year when we won!!!

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:31:48 PM)

Folks, please hold off on your questions for now.

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:31:48 PM)


shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:32:21 PM)

Now that is not fair!!!!!! There are SOOO many that if I leave someone out, I will feel terrible. The best part is that all of these great players he has coached call us every now and again and that is the best feeling in the world. It’s why we do this. I will have to say that Alex Smith was VERY special…

jpgator57 (Oct 2, 2006 9:32:25 PM)

Mrs Meyer, when your husband is in the dog house, does he get green old hot dogs and tepid water rather than the good meal?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:33:15 PM)

You must know that he isn’t home ENOUGH to get himself in the dog house very often. You have a great suggestion, tho…

fsoagator (Oct 2, 2006 9:33:34 PM)

Mrs Meyer have you had the opportunity to meet with any of the other SEC coaches wives? And if so do you find their experiences similar to yours?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:35:16 PM)

I have met several of them. Denise zook, Mark Richt’s wife, Rich Brooks’ wife, Geri Spurrier…yes, we all have similar things that we deal with and can talk about. Coaches’ wives have a wonderful network and we help each other out a lot. No one else understands what and why we do what we do and how we handle it.

THEBIGFISH (Oct 2, 2006 9:35:23 PM)

Are you excited about Tim Tebow as your husband obviously is?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:36:40 PM)

YES!!!!! Can I say that again? YES!!!! He is just such a positive addition to our team. Such a great kid! He brings SO much to the table and my little boy, Nate, just adores him. If Nate can grow up anything like Timmy, we have done a great job.

radbag (Oct 2, 2006 9:36:47 PM)

as message boards have evolved to quickly becoming a viable and popular source for information in the modern world, are you and/or our head coach utilizing this resource to gain perspectives if nothing else but to understand the breath of the gator nation? if so, how often? thank you for spending the time with us.

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:38:27 PM)

I shouldn’t admit I read the message boards, some. Sometimes, I read Gator Country to see what happened in practice that day, because I couldn’t get over there and I don’t get to talk to Urban. I don’t let any of the stuff get to me, tho. I’d be a serious head case if I did that….there are so many opinions and I learned LONG ago that there are LOTS of opinions, but I really know the inside scoop and it’s not always what is portrayed on the internet.

Tiogagator (Oct 2, 2006 9:38:40 PM)

One of the best accomplishments is the positive influence you, Coach and the staff have made in the lives of our players. Truly, you all have made major differences in the lives and their personal values. Is there anything you would want, or could suggest that we could do to help or assist your efforts ? Winning is great, but seeing these great young men learn life skills and confidence is even more important.

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:40:02 PM)

Just really being positive about our players and if you ever get a chance to talk to any of them, thank them for busting their butts every day and for going to class and living their lives right. Be loud in the stadium and let them know how much you appreciate their efforts and their play. They do SOOO much that we don’t even know about. They work so darn hard.

DTS (Oct 2, 2006 9:40:07 PM)

Attending the Final Four was very special for me. What was it like for you and Urban celebrating with the Gator Nation in Indy?

Franz Beard (Oct 2, 2006 9:40:30 PM)

I’m online

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:41:12 PM)

Folks, we’re wrapping this up in ten minutes…

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:41:18 PM)

Go ahead and fire your questions in.

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:41:20 PM)

Oh wow. That was the best. It was like a dream. I’ve never seen anything like that and it makes me want a football championship even more. It was very special and I am so happy for Billy and Christine and their staff and players. They did it the way it is supposed to be done and our guys are striving for the same rewards!

BocaGtr66 (Oct 2, 2006 9:41:27 PM)

Does Coach Meyer have any superstitions when it comes to football whether it be lucky shirt or something?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:42:36 PM)

He doesn’t have superstitions, he says. Just routines. He is a very STRUCTURED guy, always has been. Now, I wear the same tye-dye shorts to all the games, since we are 5-0 and I won’t change that unless…the unthinkable. They are clean, of course.

gatorinpa (Oct 2, 2006 9:42:47 PM)

How do you and Coach get the kids to adjust to hm not always being around?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:43:47 PM)

We adjusted 18 years ago. They just know the schedule. They know the deal. They are very accepting and they know he works so hard and they know how important his job is. WE have great kids for them to be able to go with the flow of this career.

CoJones (Oct 2, 2006 9:44:08 PM)

So Urban’s a Parrot Head? How about a Jimmy Buffett concert in The Swamp?

gata1 (Oct 2, 2006 9:45:12 PM)

You speak of players living their lives right. How do you and Coach Meyer take it personally when a player has a set back and strays off the right path?

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:45:15 PM)

I have been working on that since I got here. I haven’t had the right contacts, I guess. I seriously even sent Jimmy an email!!!! I want to bring him here for a game. Jimmy and I have the same birthday, so I feel a bond, I guess. If anyone knows him personally, let me know. We have been to several of his concerts. It’s the only one Urban will go to.

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:45:21 PM)

5 more minutes, folks.

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:45:39 PM)

Five more minutes folks, then we’re done.

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:46:41 PM)

It hits us right in the heart. It’s like one of our kids going off and making a bad decision. We work so hard to get guys to live right and it’s just impossible to be with them each minute to make sure they make good decisions. It’s working, tho. We have an awful lot of guys living right these days. We never give up. We just keep pressing and helping guys change. Our whole staff works HARD on this.

LDGATOR (Oct 2, 2006 9:46:59 PM)

Jimmy actually sang tha National Anthem here, at the USC game, in 1982. His daughter is/was a UF student

bigmoney (Oct 2, 2006 9:47:15 PM)

If it came down to it- could Could Coach Meyer take Tebow down in the off-season mat drills- mano e mano?

PinstripeGator82 (Oct 2, 2006 9:47:17 PM)

How are the kids doing in their sports?

PinstripeGator82 (Oct 2, 2006 9:47:26 PM)

How are the kids doing in their sports?

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:47:59 PM)

Folks, we’re almost done. Shelley will answer one more question and then we’ll wrap it up so she can get back to her lovely family.

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:48:10 PM)

Urban is a little older than Timmy. I might go with Timmy. Sorry Urb.

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:48:53 PM)

Franz, go ahead and send the last question in…

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:48:58 PM)

My daughter who is a sophomore at Buchholz is playing on her varsity volleyball team (the only sophomore to make the team; I’m pretty proud) and they are doing GREAT! Gigi plays vb too and is a great athlete. Nate plays baseball right now and won the game ball last weekend going 3-3 and a great play at short.

Gator (Oct 2, 2006 9:49:09 PM)

Do you have a score prediction for the upcoming LSU game?

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:49:22 PM)

That’s it folks – that was the last question.

shelleymeyer (Oct 2, 2006 9:50:30 PM)

I can’t do that!!!!!!!!! I can only tell you that each and every Sunday, I cannot talk because I lose my voice, cheering and screaming for my Gators. The people in section 9 are pretty mad at me right now because I was all over them to help me last week. I feel great about this team’s togetherness, toughness, and their caring for each other, so I think we can win the game.

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:50:31 PM)

Shelley, thanks so much for joining us tonight!

Franz Beard (Oct 2, 2006 9:50:37 PM)

Thanks Shelley!

Raymond Hines (Solari) (Oct 2, 2006 9:53:43 PM)

Looks like we’re done folks… Thanks for joining us tonight and many thanks to Shelley for taking the time (and trouble) to join us. I’m sure we’ll have more down the road. :)