PODCAST: GC Recruiting with Tyler Jordan

Gator Country’s famous podcasts are back with Nick de la Torre and Andrew Spivey as we discuss recruiting. Last time Jalen Thompson was our guest, click here to catch up on that episode in case you missed it.

In this edition, Tyler Jordan, a 2014 offensive line prospect from Jacksonville, Florida joins us to discuss his commitment to Florida and who he is recruiting to the Gators.

Jordan has taken over the leadership of this class and he tells why he thinks it’s important for him to become a leader and to develop relationships with other prospects.

This is the second of many great podcast episodes to come, so stay tuned to Gator Country for more!


Nick:            Welcome to GatorCountry.com’s recruiting podcast for the class of 2015. I’m Nick de la Torre joined by recruiting coordinator Andrew Spivey. On this edition we will welcome in Jacksonville offensive lineman from Bishop Kenny high school, Tyler Jordan. Jordan’s committed to Florida currently and is one of the recruits that is really taking an active part in recruiting other people to join him at Florida. We’ll bring him on a little bit later. Andrew, first, what kind of prospect is Jordan, and what is Florida getting in him as a recruit?

Andrew:            The main thing that you look at with Tyler is he’s going to come in and play the center position. You have all the aspects. You’ve got the middle side, mature guy, great personality, that’s another thing that you can tell Will Muschamp is seeing in Tyler is a great personality, a great guy, very respectful guy. As far as the football, he’s going to get a very good pass blocker, run blocker, and really a guy that’s going to develop into that center position in my opinion, and could be one of the better ones in the SEC coming out of the Jacksonville area, a very established program at Bishop Kenny.

Nick:            And center’s so important for Florida after losing Jonathon Harrison to the NFL draft, having Max Garcia over there. You really only have one other true center on the roster in Cam Dillard so getting a center in this class is very important for Florida moving forward. Let’s go ahead and bring in the man of the hour. Tyler tell us what led to your decision. You committed pretty early, and you seem very strong in that commitment. What was it about Florida that kind of made you pull the trigger?

Tyler:            What really made me pull the trigger was when I went down to visit the first time I kind of felt at home. I loved the campus, loved Coach Muschamp, Coach Summers, the offensive line coach. The next week I went back and visited again and hung out with some of the players, went to a softball game and hung out, went back to one of their dorms and played ping pong and watched TV and stuff. I felt at home, and I felt like I fit in with the players, so I decided to pull the trigger.

Andrew:            Tyler you have Ahmad Fulwood from the same high school as you, did you ever have any conversations about Florida? If so did he give you any advice?

Tyler:            Not really. We talked a little bit when he was committed to Florida during high school, but he was two years ahead of me, so I was a little sophomore, and he was this big senior, wide receiver.

Andrew:            I know when you committed you told me your family was real excited. You called your family, and it was a big deal on Twitter, Facebook. Is that [inaudible] your family loved Florida, on board with Florida?

Tyler:            Yes, sir, they are. They’re all huge Gator fans. They love it that I’m going to Florida.

Nick:            Let’s talk a little bit about that Jacksonville area. It’s turned into one of the probably the top cities in America as far as recruiting goes, and as far as prospects. Can you describe that area to us and some of the guys that are in that area going to Florida? Is it really Gator country up in Jacksonville?

Tyler:            I think it is. There’s a lot influence, a lot of guys are being recruited in Jacksonville area by Florida, even some [inaudible] William [Sweets] even kind of still trying to be recruited. I’m sitting there trying to talk to them, trying to get his mind off of North Carolina and try to flip him. Me, trying to think what the big targets are a huge target here in Jacksonville. Trinity Christian they’re always packed. They have division I talent. I know my defensive back, Charles Wade, he’s a defensive back for [inaudible] and he’s being targeted by Florida right now, and they kind of what to see him camp first, but I know they really like him.

Andrew:            They mentioned recruiting. You’re talking about the guys you’re recruiting. What led you to be that guy to want to recruit? What is it that you feel like is your message when you’re recruiting these guys?

Tyler:            When I talk to them I basically say it’s a great place. Just give it a look. Tell them why I decided to go there, feeling like I fit in, and bragging about how great of a class we’re going to have, and if they join what’s going to end up happening.

Nick:            Switching a little bit off recruiting, Florida brought in Mike Summers. He’s an older guy, definitely not your typical offensive line coach, more reserved, seems a little bit calmer out there when he’s coaching. Talk a little bit about how that kind of attitude relates to offensive linemen who are probably used to that kind of in your face yelling kind of coach.

Tyler:            I don’t know. Kind of different change. My line coach right now he’s not a big yeller. I’m kind of used to it. I like Coach Summers. Great coach. He knows what he’s doing, coached in the NFL, and he’s produced a lot of [line] in the NFL.

Nick:            Coach Roper he’s kind of the same way. He’s more of a teaching kind of coach. Is that something that you’ve seen from this coaching staff is kind of a calm personality? What would be your best way to describe this coaching staff?

Tyler:            The best way to describe them is they’re all really genuine. They’re not trying to blow smoke. They’re not going to sugar coat anything. They’re straightforward. They’re really friendly. They’re easy to get along with.

Nick:            Now switching back to a little bit of recruiting, at Gator Country we call the recruiter of the year the Nick Washington Award. Right now you’re the top guy for it. Who’s the top targets you’re trying to recruit to Florida, and what would be your predictions on that?

Tyler:            Right now I’m talking a lot to CeCe Jefferson, defensive end from Baker County. I play against him every year, so we end up blocking each other, him rushing against me every year. I talk every now and then to George Campbell. I was talking to Javarius Davis. He said he like Florida, but then he, actually kind of surprised that he committed recently to North Carolina.

Nick:            You and Sheriron Jones have kind of already started to develop a little bit of relationship. You want to talk about that as far as the quarterback, center relationship goes?

Tyler:            We’ve messaged on Facebook back and forth before the camp, before we committed, actually before I met him. Really the first day at camp was the first time I talked to him face to face. Think that’s very important center, quarterback relationship and building it.

Nick:            Before you get off is there anything Tyler you want to tell Florida fans, anything that they maybe don’t know about you that you want them to know?

Tyler:            Florida fans are going to be getting a hardworking center who’s going to be busting his butt out in the field and in the weight room and the classroom to be the best that he can be.

Andrew:            Alright, Tyler, got some non-football stuff a little bit for you here. You ready?

Tyler:            Go ahead.

Andrew:            Orange or Blue?

Tyler:            Blue.

Andrew:            Who’s your favorite Gator ever?

Tyler:            Favorite Gator ever, Tim Tebow.

Andrew:            What’s your favorite song to listen to before a game?

Tyler:            I don’t really have a favorite. I just run off a playlist. It switches every week. It’s either between hip hop or dubstep, electronic kind of genre.

Andrew:            Do you have any pregame superstitions?

Tyler:            I go in the trainer’s room and take a nap.

Andrew:            Last one here. Who is more athletic, offensive linemen or defensive linemen?

Tyler:            Got to say offensive linemen. You’re 290 pounds or 300 pounds you have to and run and move out to the next level, make blocks.

Andrew:            Spoken like a true offensive lineman. Tyler, we want to thank you for joining us today on our podcast, and best of luck in your senior year and moving forward.

Tyler:            Thank you.

Nick:            Thank you, Tyler.

Tyler:            No problem.

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