Recruiting Mailbag: August 13th Edition

This week’s Recruiting Mailbag features questions on Florida Gator recruiting for the upcoming class of 2015.  Join Gator Country for all the latest in Florida Gators football recruiting news.

Gator_nica: Can you name the top 5 players committed elsewhere we should keep an eye on as the season unfolds?

AS: RB Ray-Ray McCloud, DT Daylon Mack, RB Dexter Williams, OL Abdul Bello and WR Deon Cain.

Gators244: How quickly can we expect a decision from Cowart? At this time does it still look like FSU for Campbell?

Also, on a personal note on a typical day, how many “sources” do you talk too? It’s got to be near impossible to follow these kids.

AS: I honestly have no timetable for Byron Cowart because I’m not sure he actually announces soon. I think he could do it anytime but to say a date would be near impossible.

Yes I think George Campbell heads to Florida State.

I usually talk to 2-3 different people about recruiting a day unless it’s something I’m tracking down and then it’s obviously more.


Gat0rs08: What wide receivers are still on our board? It seems like we are always in it for a good receiver or two then seems to lose them towards the end. Do you think we land a top rated wide receiver this cycle or will it be in the 2016 cycle.

AS: Ryan Davis, George Campbell, Antonio Callaway, K.J. Hill, and possibly Deon Cain. I think Florida does a land a top-rated receiver this year and it may be a new name that pops up on the board after seeing the offense but I think a top guy is very likely to sign. I think Derrick Dillon and Ryan Davis are top rated guys, myself, but I could see another big name in the class as well.


Dfsgator: Thoughts on Byron Cowart?

AS: I’ve long believed that he was Florida’s to lose because of his relationship with Brad Lawing plus his mom’s relationship with the Florida coaching staff. To this day that hasn’t changed at all and I have a hard time believing he ends up anywhere but Gainesville.


AG111: Are we still recruiting Jake Fruhmorgan and Bello?

AS: Yes they are still recruiting Abdul Bello but I don’t think they are after Fruhmorgan anymore.


GatorNation6868: Are we still recruiting Deon Cain?

AS: Yes, Florida is and will continue to recruit Deon Cain until he signs his LOI with Clemson. If Florida has a good year anything can happen here.


GatorNation6868: Who’s on the defensive back board?

AS: DaVante Davis, Jeremy McDuffie, Darius Slayton, Tyrek Cole, Justin Martin and possibly Carlton Davis despite his Ohio State commitment.


Gotime51: Is speed becoming more of an emphasis on offense at the skill positions rather than size?

AS: Absolutely because the spread is more about making plays in space. In my opinion, this is a good thing for Florida because the state of Florida is usually loaded with speed guys compared to big guys who can play in the pro-style offense.


Macbgator: Are we still in good shape to turn Ray Ray back to the good guys?

AS: I don’t think Florida is in good shape because McCloud is committed elsewhere but I do think that Florida is still in the running for him hence the visit to Gainesville last Sunday to watch the Gators scrimmage.


Macbgator: If Cowart comes to the good guys, will that help in getting CeCe to come on board early?

AS: Getting Byron Cowart in the mix early could very well start a domino affect, yes. Will it get CeCe Jefferson to commit early? That I don’t know because Jefferson has long said he wanted to wait.


TebowNut6: Showing my ignorance here, but can you clear up the philosophy on OL recruiting? Do coaches predominately recruit HS tackles (because they tend to be more athletic) and convert the “lesser” ones to guards when they get on campus and start competing against better D linemen? Or do HS guards get equal looks? Because I feel like past OL classes for us have almost always been tackles, except for this year when I’m seeing more definitive “he’s a guard” comments. Plus, I don’t remember the last “center” we recruited.

AS: Usually your best linemen in high school play tackle, so that’s why you see more high school tackles converting in college. However, everyone gets a good look, but in the case of Tyler Jordan this year, he’s a tackle/guard in high school but his size warrants him to be a center in college.


Singles: It seems like this year more than most, other schools are really talking negative about UF. I know Coach Boom won’t go to their level but it seems to really effect the kids decisions. Do you think this will have an effect on Cowart, Ivey, or CeCe? In my opinion these are the three most important recruits to get. I appreciate the info as always AS.

AS: Negative recruiting is something a lot of schools are doing but Will Muschamp simply says watch us on the field this year and that’s what many of the big names are doing. I don’t think it will affect those three guys because one they are Gator fans and two they are smart kids.


15gator05: Are we still recruiting Preston Williams and Van Jefferson?

AS: Yes on both but neither are showing much interest at this point. That could change but right now there is little hope for UF here.


Nicklegator: Is there a surprise recruit that we are not aware of that may be high on the Gators ?

AS: Not really, everyones name is pretty much out there right now.


Nicklegator: Do you see a new fire under the team with a desire to move forward as a group and no longer a whats in it for me attitude that prevailed last year?

AS: Absolutely and you can see because of the way the guys are acting and hanging out with each other. This isn’t a locker room that is divided anymore.


Nicklegator: How do you feel the gators will due this season with wins and will the recruiting pick up as the wins mount up ?

AS: I think Florida wins 9 games this year and they end up with a top 5 class in February.


GatorNation6868: Andrew, do you think any of the current commits might not be in this? If so, who?

AS: I think everyone that is committed now will be in the class, honestly. The coaching staff already weeded out the bad ones and the ones that weren’t solid to Florida.


Supagator: Andrew can you give us an update on the early enrollees for our 2015 class..

AS: I haven’t really dug much into this but I will get on it and update this in next week’s issue.

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  1. I think UF is wasting it’s time with Dexter Williams and Abdul Bello. I am wondering about Jalen Merrick, what is he waiting on? He said he liked Summers” laid back style and FSU’s Trickett is the complete opposite of that, besides I don’t know if FSU has room for him now, so why is he not said yes to UF yet? Also I didn’t see you mention any JUCO linemen. With the losses on both sides of the line this year, it seems like UF needs to get a couple of JUCO linemen who can play immediately.