Recruiting Mailbag

Brainstorm: How many more can we take at this point? I think we have room for about 4 but I don’t see us stopping there.

AS: I think Florida can take 6-7 more honestly. Another quarterback, a running back, two more wide receivers, one more offensive lineman and either another defensive back or a late linebacker.

Brainstorm: Are any of our current commitments at risk of not qualifying?

AS: C’yontai Lewis and Ermon Lane have some concerns but Lewis has a good test score that will help him qualify.

Brainstorm: If Scott, Jones, McKenzie and Autry all want in – would we accept them?

AS: It would be tough to turn them all down but I don’t see all of them committing to Florida.

Soflgator: Who was the commit Zo alluded to?

AS: Jalen Tabor.

15gator05: With the departure of RoPo are we looking into going after a lb for this class or are the coaches still content with the group they have?

AS: The coaches are still content with the group they have but they are still putting feelers out on some guys.

Juggernautz: Do you think with the Noles winning the NC as they did plus Charlie Strong getting the Texas
job will affect our recruiting?

AS: FSU will see recruiting go up next year as it always does after a team wins the NC. Strong shouldn’t affect Florida much really.

Juggernautz: Does getting the several recruits from Trinity Christian(JAX) parallel somewhat to the ones we got from Lakeland a few years ago?

AS: Yes it does Florida could get several top players from Trinity in the Class of 2015 to rival the Lakeland days.

GatorFanCF: Which person/recruit impressed you the most last week and why? Doesn’t have to be a UF recruit.

AS: Jalen Tabor, Gerald Willis, Lorenzo Carter, Isaiah McKenzie, Jeff Jones and Auburn commit Sean White all impressed me.

Juggernautz: Do you think our new OC & OL coaches will be better recruiters than the ones they’re replacing?

AS: I think so yes as both were known as good recruiters as well hands on recruiters. Mike Summers is known around the country as a good recruiter.

Westtump: Who was the second Trinity Christian kid that had been committed to Louisville. On the news, it was reported there was another besides Harkless. However, I don’t see him on our commitment list. Did he actually commit or was there a problem?

AS: Receiver Isaiah Ford but he didn’t commit to Florida; and as of right now the Gators aren’t recruiting him.

67viking: Do you think Florida’s move away from the pro-style offense, to more of a spread/speed type of attack, will affect the type of lineman that the Gators recruit? More of a long/lean type that can get down field to block. I would think more cut blocks. Also, do you think that the SC program will get away from heavy lifting to more of a Stanford approach of stretching.

AS: I think Florida will still recruit big powerful lineman as they will still be a power running team.

JerseyGator3669: Do you really think Lane and JC Jackson will not flip?

AS: I honestly go back and forth on this. I think now that Ermon Lane is away from Dalvin Cook things will be okay for Florida but still think he could flip. Jackson’s family continues to tell Nick and me that he isn’t flipping so we will see

JerseyGator3669: If we don’t get Carter, do the coaches have a backup plan?

AS: They landed the backup plan in Gerald Willis honestly. Willis was never a backup plan but he’s guy that can help not landing Carter better.

JerseyGator3669: Do you think we will get a 2nd QB?

AS: I do but right now I’m not ready to make a prediction on who that will be.

Jjgator55: It looks like Lane is headed to the Noles, but he has yet to take the ACT or SAT. I’m wondering if he’s one that may end up at a junior college, and that Florida may not be going after him as hard for that reason. What do you think?

AS: He’s scheduled to take it on the 24th and most believe he will be fine. Florida is still recruiting him hard.

Jerseygator3669: Who do the coaches prefer between Jones, Scott and Myles? Who do you think we have the best shot of getting? Can we get all three?

AS: Could all three yes but doubtful. Florida really likes Jeff Jones a lot and wanted him before Cook left. Derrell Scott and Myles Autry though are both top priorities as well.

Jerseygator3669: Do you think more players will leave the team opening up more scholarships for this class? Did all the players make it back for the spring semester?

AS: All players made it back but every year a player or two leaves after spring practice and I’m sure that will happen again this year but usually nobody knows who until after practices are over.

JerseyGator3669: Do you expect any more coaching changes?

AS: No I don’t unless someone is picked up by another staff.

Ga8or22: How many recruits can we realistically take to get our scholarship numbers up to 85? With all the early outs and transfers to the NFL I have lost track – I thought it was between 19 and 22. Now I am not sure. Do we want to be at 85 or leave some slack to award walk-on’s and other causes.

AS: 85 is the number they want to be at as usually walk ons only happen if they are under that number.

JerseyGator3669: What are the grade status of Lewis and Angus? Some sites are saying they won’t be in this class while other sites have said they will be. Do you think they will be in this class?

AS: C’yontai Lewis should be fine but Dontae Angus said he’s likely headed to JUCO or Prep School.  I think Lewis stays in the class but Angus doesn’t.

Macbgator: Do you think Prince and Sims will be in this classs??

AS: I think Florida is trending up for Damian Prince and with that I don’t see Jordan Sims making it in the class.

Gators_8: Any chance BO gives us his last official?

AS: I think Bo Scarbrough very well could visit Florida for his last official but I think its doubtful he’s in the class.

Gators_8: Any off the radar types that you are hearing are interested?

AS: A few guys I have heard have a little interest but nothing concrete yet.

Ajoseph: What are you hearing from the sundry of recruits that you cover, other than Lane and Jackson, regarding Cook’s theatrics? Do the kids laugh about it? Shrug it off? Denounce it?

AS: Quincy Wilson was upset about it and other recruits said it was kind of embarrassing the way he handled things.

Northwoodgator1: Why no LB’s in this class?

AS: Because Florida likes the linebackers in last year’s class a lot and with Matt Rolin and Alex Anzalone redshirting it helped them fill the void for this year. The talent at linebacker in the Class of 2014 was down from year’s past.

Gator_nica: Whats the latest on LoCarter? Adoree Jackson? How are we looking for them? with RoPo gone, it seems Carter can play early.

AS: Florida/Georgia for Carter with is family pushing the Gators. Adoree is still going through his recruitment but I think its UF or LSU for him.

MrB-Gator: AS….who else remains as targets for DT/DE’s in this class….and what are the chances for each?

AS: Thomas Holley is still an option and so is Kevin Bronson who will visit on January 31st. Lorenzo Carter is still on the board as well.

Lurkingator1: After the dead periond on the 15th we have two maybe three weekends left for visits could be get a schedule of who is coming in and on what weekend ? Thanks

AS: Yes I’m in the process of putting together a schedule now and will get it out this weekend.

Bigkid62: Isaiah McKenzie. Will he be a Gator? I really like him. Change of pace guy.

AS: I think Florida has a great shot with him honestly and a good visit will only help them land him even more.

TrillGator: We seem to be right on the verge of landing Adoree Jackson, but he isnt visiting, has he visited? And is it possible to land someone like Adoree without getting a visit?

AS: He visited for Friday Night Lights and yes, Adoree says he seen everything he needed to during that visit that lasted three days.

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