Recruiting Mailbag

Jerseygator3669:  Andrew, are you hearing any new names of 2014 recruits the coaches are looking at?

AS: Not yet but with the coaches on the road now things will change soon.

Itssaul: Out of Tabor, Adoree, and Jamal, who would be a bigger get for this class (assuming the ones we have now stick and no transfers)?

AS: Jalen Tabor, in my opinion, is a guy that Florida needs to land especially if Marcus Roberson leaves. Tabor is a guy that can play from day one and with the lack of depth at cornerback, he could earn a starting spot opposite of Vernon Hargreaves.

MacDaddyGator: I would be interested in whether you think the coaching issues will cause us to lose anyone. Put another way, are our commits solid now, or are some thinking of leaving the ship?

AS: Really the only commit in question is Dalvin Cook but that has more to do with the lack of offensive production and the Gator record next year. Will Muschamp has done a wonderful job of keeping the class intact.

Ga8or22:  If Marcus Roberson does leave early who are we looking at for replacing him at corner and beefing up the talent pool?

AS: Jalen Tabor is the guy that Florida would try to land even harder than they are now.

MrB-Gator: How do you see our DL class on NSD? 

AS: Taven Bryan, Khairi Clark and Justus Reed are committed and it’s still a chance that Thomas Holley goes to Florida.

Gotime51: Who are the names that are coming up to replace John Haskins?

AS: I haven’t heard of any names at this time.

Ol2ange: Any JUCO names popping up?

AS: Not yet just Eric Lauderdale and with Florida most likely landing David Sharpe the need for a JUCO OL isn’t needed as much.

Ol2ange: Do you see any LBs in this class?

AS: Right now I don’t unless Florida offers someone like Jakob Johnson of Jacksonville or someone else not on the radar at this time.

Ol2ange: With Cook (seemingly) back in the fold, do you see us still pursuing Darrell Williams (or any other RBs, such as Tony James)?

AS: If Dalvin Cook stays in the class than it’s doubtful that Florida tries very hard for Williams. If Florida does indeed move to the spread offense than they will try hard after James but right now he’s solid to Oregon.

Macbgator: Are Sharpe and Sims the only lineman we are pursing? Also what are our possibilities at linebacker, an area of need that I see because of injuries to last years crop?

AS: Right now yes those are the only two lineman they are pursuing.

TrillGator: Would adding Sharpe give us some momentum with other recruits?

AS: Sure anytime you get a top notch player the momentum is there but with the dead period close the momentum will die down some

TrillGator: What 2015 recruits are you impressed with, and our chance of getting them?

AS: I really like CeCe Jefferson and Jeffrey Holland and right now I think Florida is great shape with both of them. Another guy I really like is Martez Ivey as he’s the big time offensive lineman Florida has been unable to land in recent years.

TrillGator: If we dont get the new OC in until January is it gonna cost us any recruits?

AS: Not really because the only early enrollee guy that Florida is trying to land on offense that isn’t fully committed is Dalvin Cook and he’s very close with T-Rob.

Homeboygator: what are the odds on ending up with a top five recruiting class?

AS: I hate to say this but really depends on Dalvin Cook because he’s the only running back I see the Gators having even a slight chance with right now. Also, Lorenzo Carter and Adoree’ Jackson will play a factor into this.

Phillip214: How many total recruits are we looking at taking this year?

AS: 22-24 is the number that’s looking like Florida will take and I lean towards 24 right now.

Macbgator: Andrew, what are our chances with Damien Prince percentage wise?

AS: Less than 30% until he steps foot on campus but if he does that than I expect that number to rise a good bit because of the playing time that is free at Florida.

Gator_nica: What exactly happened with Cook’s commitment? Do you think he sticks?

AS: Florida’s offense not being good and the bad record hurt Florida with Dalvin Cook. I think he ultimately sticks.

BahamaG8r: How many transfers do you expect this year? And how do you see that affecting our class #s? Thank you.

AS: I don’t like to speculate on this but I think it will be around 5 or so and it only allows Florida to sign a few more to get close to that 24 number.

Gators_8: Any chance we offer Bo as a receiver?

AS: Very doubtful because Florida likes Bo Scarbrough as a running back/athlete but I know that Florida State likes him as a receiver/athlete.

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