Getting to know you: C’yontai Lewis

Over the next several weeks, Gator Country will talk with the members of the 2013 recruiting class.

We’re asking each recruit 20 questions in an effort to let the fans get to know a little bit more about each player both on and off the field.

Today we speak with C’yontai Lewis. Lewis is a talented pass-catching tight end from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. At 6-5, 226-pounds, Lewis is more of a pass-catcher at the moment than a prototypical tight end. However, his skill set fits perfectly for Kurt Roper’s offense and Lewis is highly motivated to get on the field early. A Tuscaloosa native, Lewis has Florida’s date at Alabama this season circled on his calender because he knows it may be the only opportunity he will have to play against his hometown team.


Gator Country: What was the craziest recruiting pitch you heard during the recruiting process?

C’yontai Lewis: I really didn’t hear too much that was crazy. A Notre Dame coach told me it was too hot at Florida.


GC: Why did you end up choosing Florida?

CL: I really just wanted to be loyal. The whole time I was in Tuscaloosa, Alabama wasn’t really talking to me for real. Spring came around and Florida was my first big offer. I had a Mississippi State offer but I felt like I could do better than that. When Florida offered me I felt like I wouldn’t get a bigger offer than that so I just stuck with it. After a couple visits I just found out that’s where I want to be.


GC: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

CL: There’s a whole lot of stuff. But the best part was going out and hanging out with the players when you’re on campus.


GC: Orange or Blue?

CL: Orange. I like the orange.


GC: Do you know what number you’re going to wear at Florida and is there any significance behind why you want to wear that number?

CL: If I cold I would want to get 17 because that’s what I wore in little league or 88. But I think both of them are taken. I think coach told me I was going to get No. 88.


GC: What NFL player do you model your game after?

CL: Anquan Boldin. I like to talk and all that and I can back it up too.


GC: Who are your favorite pro sports teams?

CL: Oklahoma City Thunder and the Baltimore Ravens.


GC: XBOX or PlayStation?



GC: If you won the lottery what would be the first thing that you would buy?

CL: Whatever my momma wanted.


GC: What music do you listen to before a game?

CL: What do I play? Young Scooter. That’s my favorite rapper.


GC: Favorite NFL player?

CL: Anquan Boldin.


GC: LeBron or Durant?

CL: Durant. MVP.


GC: Who’s your favorite former Gator and why?

CL: I used to hate the Gators, back when I was young, growing up in Tuscaloosa. I really never watched them for real until they offered me and that’s when I fell in love with them. My favorite player would have to be Loucheiz Purifoy.


GC: You play basketball as well as football. What’s your favorite dunk?

CL: A 360 windmill. I just learned how to do that so that’s my favorite dunk. I just learned it like two weeks ago.


GC: Favorite TV show?

CL: I really just like Criminal Justice stuff like Law and Order and all that. I really don’t watch TV unless I watch that.


GC: Favorite Movie?

CL: Shottas and Gridiron Gang.


GC: What’s one thing about you most Gator fans don’t know?

CL: That I’m not crazy. Most people think I’m crazy. I don’t know they say I look mean or look crazy when I’m doing stuff.


GC: Florida goes to Alabama this year and it might be the only time you get a chance to play against your home town team. What would it be like to catch a touchdown in Bryant-Denney Stadium?

CL: Man, that would be the best thing that ever happened to me.

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