Florida Gators Recruiting: Mac Visits the Myers Brothers

Florida Gators football head coach Jim McElwain had a busy night on Friday and it was quite the family affair.

Using his bye week, McElwain visited recruits from all over the country but on Friday night, kept it close to home with wide receiver recruit Nate Craig-Myers (6’2”, 205 lbs, Tampa Catholic) and defensive back commit Jayvaughn Myers (6’1”, 175 lbs, Pasco).

Heading first to Tampa Catholic High School, Coach Mac and receivers coach Kerry Dixon saw Craig-Myers account for two touchdowns (reception and kickoff return) and an interception on defense.

It should have been more said Nate, laughing about his defensive performance after the game.

“Should have had at least about three interceptions, but I had a touchdown and at least an interception, could’ve been three but I ain’t gonna complain. We won.”

Having Mac and Dixon see Nate be such a huge part of that 51-30 win meant a lot to the Tampa native.

“It’s an honor to be able to have the head coach come watch you. Just shows I’m a priority to the team.”

And speaking to Nate’s coach, they made that priority clear.

“They just told him that I did a heck of a job, just come by Gator.”

In what Gator fans hope will be some sort of cognitive action, the Florida Gator coaches showed this even more as Craig-Myers scored. Standing at the corner of the endzone was the perfect view to watch their recruit go to work as well as be in his line of sight as he scored and out of the corner of his eye, saw the head coach of the Florida Gators gator chomping.

For Nate, this is yet another example of the coaching staff’s actions speaking louder than words.

“They’re just really showing me instead of telling me,” explains Craig-Myers.

“A lot of schools will tell you something but a lot of teams can’t show you. A lot of teams they can tell you that they’re gonna get the ball to the playmakers but they’re really not showing it right now. I see Florida and they tell me they’re gonna play freshman and then you see freshman out there.”

Those freshman, like Antonio Callaway for example, have been a huge part of Florida’s recent success, and helping the Gators go 6-1 in Mac’s inaugural season.

It’s only the beginning says Nate, as he sees much more in Florida’s future.

“I see that they’re progressing; they’re getting their playmakers the ball. They’re just doing the things that are going to lead them to the playoffs and hopefully they contend for a National Championship.”

Whether Nate Craig-Myers will be apart of a Florida Gators team contending for a National Championship is yet to be seen. And Gator fans will have to wait until January 9 to find out.

One guy that Mac already ready has on his way to Gainesville though is Nate’s brother, Jayvaughn Myers.

As halftime of the Tampa Catholic game, Mac slipped out and made the short trip to Land O Lakes for their matchup against Pasco, and most notably, the Pasco defensive back Jayvaughn Myers.

Taking in that game with DB coach Kirk Callahan, Mac saw his 2016 commit do a little bit of everything. From defense, to receiver on offense, to kickoff returns to lining up a la Auburn on long field goals, Myers was constantly on the field making plays and lining up others. It was obvious Jayvaughn was the liaison between sideline and defensive unit, transferring the coach’s play calling, and that was what his brother Nate hopes the Florida Gators coaches saw more than anything.

“I hope he’s showing them that leadership that he has and that he’s a hard worker, he’s never gonna stop working.”

It’s a trait the brothers share, and one that could come into play for the Gators come next season. It would be ideal for their family, as Nate acknowledges, saying the short trip from Tampa to Gainesville is definitely something he’ll take into consideration.

“Ain’t nothing like playing in front of your family every week,” he says.

And if Jim McElwain plays his cards right, Nate Craig-Myers and Jayvaughn Myers will be playing with family.

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