Camp likes “Big Sexy’s” coaching style

Now that the Florida Gators have been practicing for three weeks the number of visitors on campus every day has slowed down some but it will crank back up for the spring game.

Monday, however, the Gators played host to defensive tackle Keyshon Camp (6-3, 274, Lakeland, FL Lake Gibson) who got the red carpet treatment during an unofficial visit.

“It was a good time at Florida,” Camp said. “I got to watch the practice and after practice I got to upstairs and converse with the coaches. I also got to see all of the facilities.”

Camp was impressed by the energy the Gators displayed during practice but noted that practice wasn’t for the lazy.

“Practice is always on the go, there is no dead period,” Camp said. “If you aren’t a starter you’re still getting a lot of reps with the second team. There is no break out there because you’re always on the move. I liked it though.”

While at practice Camp learned that defensive line coach Chris Rumph has a nifty nickname due to him being in touch with technology.

“Coach Rumph that’s “Mr. Big Sexy” right there, that’s what they call him,” Camp said. “They say he knows all of the social media and what’s going around social media. The players told me that he’s “big sexy.”

Not only was Camp impressed by Rumph’s nickname but his coaching style was also something that caught his attention.

“His coaching style is one of the coaches that tries to help you get better,” Camp said. “He said that you’re the only that control your weakness on the field and he wants to help you control that.”

While watching Rumph’s coaching style the defensive tackle picked up on something that Florida’s defensive ends were doing and that’s something Camp would like to try.

“I actually liked the way the defensive line had the ability to drop back into coverage,” Camp said. “I have never seen that before but I actually learned a few things from them. When you play defensive line your whole life you dream about doing that kind of stuff.”

After practice was over Camp was escorted up to the coaching offices where he met with Rumph who explained where the Gators want him to play at.

“Coach Rumph said that he sees me playing all over the defensive line,” Camp said. “He said that he will use me wherever they need me at like on third down they may need me as a pass rusher but on second down they may need to stop the run at d-tackle.”

Camp recently decommitted from Miami after receiving his Florida offer but the Gators aren’t the team to beat just yet.

“Nobody is leading for at this time,” Camp said. “I will say that this visit helped Florida out though but I want to take other visits. I don’t have any planned yet except for the Florida spring game.”

INSIDERS TAKE: Florida has done a really good job of recruiting Camp and the defensive tackle is very interested in Florida. If I had to say a leader for Camp I would say that Florida is in good shape so far.

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