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May 17, 2014
Mar 27, 2007
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ufla5220 was last seen:
May 17, 2014
    1. KidProQuo
      Franz, a friend sent me this link. Do you remember this?

    2. evergator
      5220, not high tech. Do not know if this conversation is private. Your confirmation of story about Mike Archer and Ben Hill is not true. I was there and envolved with all matters relating to acting Pres. and football coach. If you want real story, please contact me on secure line.
      1. Itssaul likes this.
    3. mbgator
      Franz, read this morning that Don Rutledge was an old friend of yours. He is one of my dads old golf partners. Dad was on football scholarship for the gators in '65 but hurt his shoulder pretty bad and had to hang them up. I played baseball at Fl. in 86 and 87 . Don was a great guy and great ref. If you see him ,tell him John Woodward Jr. said hello!!
    4. gatorinala
      Hey Franz, Wating for you to wade in on "The Great Expansion Debate".Please help put some sanity logic to all this madness.

    5. oldgator46
      Sitting in a B & B on the outskirts of San Jose looking out at the city lights. Of course I am reading Gator Country. I will have a cold one for you. Do you know where the Men's golf team is playing there regional?
    6. cmarcum
      It's Chris Marcum from Sherman Hills Golf Club. I spoke with you previously about having a Golf tournament to raise money for Gatorcountry.com. I was hoping to maybe host the tournament to coincide with you caravan stop in Brooksville. I have aslo spoken with Mr. Bob Pepe of the Hampton Inn about maybe hosting a mixer after the tournament. The Hampton Inn is located less than 2 miles from our course and right next to I-75. Depending on what day you are planning the caravan stop I figure based on 100 players at $30.00 per player including food you could raise about $1300.00. If your interested please call me at 352 807-0519.


      Chris Marcum
    7. ncbullgator
      Why does this stuff get posted on nuttin but net for free?
    8. rowdygatr
      Enjoyed meeting you this weekend at the GHS reunion. Keep up the good press about the old GHS guys.
      Larry Yates
    9. buckogtr
      How can I help with the Tallahassee caravan?
    10. limbwalkers
      I just stopped in to say Hello ...
    11. limbwalkers
      Hey 5220, Are You Going To The O & B ... Limb
    12. limbwalkers
      Good Morning 5220. Just an early morning driveby ...
    13. buzzygator
      I never got that credit for my account. What happened, please help

      buzzy (dan busseni
    14. limbwalkers
      Hope you had a Great Weekend 5220 ...
    15. ArtSkeelsJr
      Franz; Dan told me you were preparing an article about the sordid Richardson deception in Pahokee.

      Please go to the thread you began "Meanwhile back in Pahokee" and read the comments on page four and five from Gator Dan (Igotanski) and my own posts, and try to address some of these ethical and moral concerns.
    16. WaldoNBlvw
      Was just wondering if there was any other news coming out of the whole Pahokee incident, and I appreciate all the work you and the guys do for bringing us the best Gator news out there.
    17. cmarcum
      Mr. Beard,
      My name is Chris Marcum and i am General Manager at Sherman Hills Golf Club in Brooksville, FL. Now that the rush for recruiting has passed I was wondering if Gatorcountry would be intrested in putting on a golf tournament sometime after May 15th. Might be a nice time for the guys to get together maybe have a few ex-Gators come through and possibly earn some money for a scholarship endowment sponsered by Gatorcountry. If you think there might be intrested please feel free to contact me by e-mail cmarcgolfer@aol.com or 352 807-0519.


      Chris Marcum
    18. jawoodward
      Franz I played baseball at Fl. in the 80's,and still bring my brainwashed brood to at least 3 games a year in Gville via myrtle Beach S.C.. I have to say your work of art with the typewriter keeps me renewing my membership here. It is poignant,straight to the point but most importantly brings the human element of sport crashing to the forefront of every piece. Keep up the magic , you are undoubtadly the cream of the proverbial crop. Many many thanks!
    19. homeboygator
      great article on tebow in todays miami herald
    20. proudgator
      Franz, I found it at the end of one of your articles. Thanks, Roger
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