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Jun 9, 2016
Apr 3, 2007
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Criminole, Florida


GC Hall of Fame, from Criminole, Florida

texigator was last seen:
Jun 9, 2016
    1. asuragator
      Hey Tex. Haven't seen you in awhile. Hope all is well with you and that you had a great Christmas and New Year!
    2. vertigo0923
      Lovin' it too!!! GO GATORS!!!
    3. vertigo0923
      hey texi!

      as of 09/15/12, THREE AND 0!!!! GO Gators!!
    4. slideman67
      Hey man. How are you? What's the latest? I am surprised I am in here again as I was banned a long time ago.
    5. vertigo0923
      happy happy thanksgiving to you and your family!
    6. vertigo0923
      hey texi!! drive by!!! and yep, it would be fun to meetcha!!!
    7. gatornana
      Hey Jerry, Just a drive by......hope life is treatin' ya good and you're having a great summer. ~H
    8. gatornana
      Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you Jerry! ~H
    9. vertigo0923
      congrats on your son!!!! what a great game!!!!! on to the NC!!!!!!!!! have a safe trip!
    10. texigator
      Hey vert! What a game!!!! I'm in Texas (my younger son graduated from the University of Texas today) and got to see the whole game. On to Miami! Hope you're well. It's back to warm Florida tomorrow. Take care. Texi
    11. vertigo0923
      hey texi!!! watching sec championship.....good game..and we're ahead!! GO GATORS
    12. vertigo0923
      love that story 'bout watching the game. i had an office roomie a couple years ago, she was from ohio, she and hubby were buckeyes fans. at that point in time, uf and osu weren't on each other's radar..we had our teams 'stuff' hanging in our desk areas, on and on til we found out we were playing each other. well you remember we were huge 'underdogs' in that game. so they invited us over to watch the game. they go all out, their little girls are painted up, everyones got their osu gear on..they made a great lay out...but you know they're already convinced they're gonna win. her hubby shows us his collection of osu wins on dvd....and i've brought my 'good luck' uf blanket. and my hubby has a uf hat on and i've got a uf sweatshirt on. i felt so sorry for the little kids. they were PAINTED up buckeye style and doing cheers and stuff. and when ted ginn ran that td back, the her hubby's jumping up and down...that was their last good moment. haha. i felt so bad for 'em...and those kids. we mercifully let them go to bed when the game ended, i wanted to watch the trophy stuff, but i didn't get to. i asked 'em if they wanted to come over to watch the hoops championship, and they agreed, but changed their mind....lol
    13. vertigo0923
      another drive by from work...have a good week...and how 'bout dem gators saturday!
    14. vertigo0923
      hey texi, good morning! just a drive by from work to tell you 'happy friday'......
    15. gatornana
      Congrats, "attorney" Texigator! You missed your calling......:ninja:

      Well, I've been busy doing stuff for the Obama campaign. The best part is the phone banking....half of Seminole has hung up on me.....bwahahahahaha
    16. gatornana
      Hey Tex! Hope life is treating you good! I've been so busy on Too Hot, I've not kept up with this new social stuff.....looks fun!

      Bye, gotta go find someone to ban........:)
    17. vertigo0923
      texi, i'm really flattered and very glad to be your friend. i can't think of a nicer compliment. thank you so much, and i agree totally...just passionate people (hahaaaaa i too won't go into that LOL), i think you are a sport too, and i sincerely thank you for including me in your circle of friends!!!!!!!!!!
    18. texigator
      Hi, vertigo,

      Nope, I meant to send that to you. I am VERY passionate about politics (and other things, but I won't go into that :) ), but like you I don't exclude people as friends because we disagree politically. I think you are a sport and I wanted to send that to ya.

      Glad you appreciated it.

    19. vertigo0923
      texi, hate to bother you, but when they first did this change last night, i found a friend request from you, so of course i said yes, cuz politics don't interfere with friendships for me, if you didn't send it, then it must have been a mistake and i'm sorry. but i was responding to a friendship request message that had your avatar and all. didn't want to say no. like i said, politics is not all we are. but again, sorry if there's been a mix up, i was (pleasantly) surprized to see that this morning.
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    If Obama was "The Answer", just how stupid was the question?