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Apr 3, 2007
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Aug 9, 2018 at 3:32 PM
    1. gatorcop
      It wasn't me. I'll see what happened.

    2. evergator
      Thanks for your response. I serve on the BOT and am Chairman of the audit and compliance review committee. Campus safety is one of our committees responsibility. I meet on a regular basis with the UPD Chief. She is recognized as one of the national leaders in University law enforcement. The UPD works with the GPD. We can not control how they react to problems or how they do their job. I know the UPD and the GPD meet on a regular basis to review common concerns. Their job is not easy. I can assure you they are aware of problems such as you mentioned and are always reviewing what they do and how they do their job. Having some experience with other University towns, I can say Gainesville is not perfect but a lot better than any other I have seen. Again, Thanks for your response.
    3. sandmangator
      I was hoping to get in touch with you so as I can pass on Gator games that I have on VHS, as well as some on dvd... David Shepard asked that I contact you...He and his wife had separated, and then there was a big move across the states... He gave me all of his tapes prior to moving to Tennessee. The best way to get me is via text 904 343 7451
      Or phone email: mycourier@hotmail.com

      Thank you

    4. cole
      Jim? Is that you?
    5. tngator
      Do you still have Ky. tickets available? If so let me know and I will buy them.

      tngator 615-207-8454
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