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Dec 23, 2021
Apr 3, 2007
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Dec 23, 2021
    1. mamag8ter
      Happy Thanksgiving right back atcha all. Please, please for a beat down on the TOW. Preserve the record at Zook field. We have to swallow all their garbage for a year if we lose.
    2. vanders
      Happy Thanksgiving Mama
      Hope you enjoy the day

    3. vertigo0923
      happy thanksgiving mama! hope you have a great day!
    4. mamag8ter
      I will be there to support you during the Saturday game. Me thinks we will have our hands full. Go Gators, beat the Cocks. Jeez, that sounds funny.
    5. vanders
      Missed you in chat
    6. mamag8ter
      Oh my Dee baby, I was in Lakeland, way out on Moore Road, at a picnic. It has been planned a long time. If I had to miss a game it was one to miss. I'll take a rain check though.
    7. gatordee
      I am heading over to pick you up for game day chat! See at noon!!
    8. mamag8ter
      Well, unfortunately it will not get better until they find out why it hurts when I swallow. I will have have a sigmiodascope. Not sure I spelled that right.
    9. gatorsfan530
      Hope you feel better mama, never a good thing to stay overnight in the ER. Hopefully it's nothing too serious and hopefully you'll make a good quick recovery!
    10. gatordee
      And we really need that. It is like when I go to my granmothers. If she tells me that I need to do something, I am then committed to do so out of respect. And it keeps us grounded. Sometimes, I wish these people could hear themselves sometimes. I tend to excuse it because I tell myself it is the alcohol talking. Well you 2 keep up the great job. See yall Sat!!!!
    11. gatordee
      lol!! sounds great!!!
    12. mamag8ter
      I had it removed myself because posters want info and if it makes them mad when you post it you get slammed for it. This cops answer to me. He took it down anyway, he said I was spot on.

      Heavy-Handed Oppressor

      Join Date: Apr 2007
      Posts: 6,195
      Re: My thread about Will Hill.


      Originally Posted by mamag8ter
      Will you please remove my thread. I only posted this because it was already posted on another Gator message board. I figured it was a matter of time before it was posted here.

      If it is going to cause posters to get their undies in a bundle I want it down. however. I stand by the information

      It is old information and I have no problem with it. I will move it. Will Hill got into a pissing match with a girlfriend and kicked her door, doing some damage, then leaving the scene. It was understood that if he reimbursed the landlord that charges would not be pursued.
    13. viningsgator
      Your thread on Hill was deleted. Would you mind sharing the details? thanks
    14. mamag8ter
      You are welcome FLfan. We are all Gators in all kinds of weather, well it's been mighty hot at noon games.
    15. FLfan
      Thanks for the rep, mama!
      Girl Power!

    16. mamag8ter
      Mama is good. I am so ready for some football. Even if we beat the peewadiddley out of them Saturday. I want to see what we've got. Spank'em and send'em bacl to I hi ho with a check. Thanks for asking Dee.
    17. gatordee
      How is mama? Are you ready for some football? I was at the grocery today and saw a bunch of gators today. A lot of orange and blue. This could be an exciting year!! See ya around. Take care of yourself mama!!
    18. mamag8ter
      Thanks Slinky, that's more like it. It looks like you again now. Mama.
    19. slinkygator
      I changed my sig pic to the "booze belt" just for you :grin:
    20. TimCasey67
      Thanks for the help!
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