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Aug 26, 2011
Apr 16, 2007
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Jan 21, 1930 (Age: 91)


GC Hall of Fame, 91, from L.A. CA

leahy was last seen:
Aug 26, 2011
    1. leahy
      thx going to give out 20 reps and hit the sack----bob
    2. GatorPrincess8
      Will keep u in my prayers, I hope that all goes well. If there is anything I can do to help let me know. I am glad the dog found a good home.
    3. GatorPrincess8
      WOW, that is intense....it rained here on and off.
    4. GatorPrincess8
      Well, I was asleep as I don't sleep well so if I missed you sorry
    5. GatorPrincess8
      Well, My Aunt will have him, but I am right next door. I love animals and I was crying so bad when I thought we couldn't get him home for a affordable price. I always enjoy talking to you

    6. GatorPrincess8
      lol, I know. I love animals especially dogs and the poor thing was so loyal, he stayed with the body 2 days b4 we found my Uncle and took forever to let the medics take the body from away from him. Broke my heart
    7. GatorPrincess8
      It's good, we were able to get my Uncle's dog Jake from texas sorta cheap so he gets to stay with the family. I was worried about that.
    8. GatorPrincess8
      How r u sweetie?
    9. FLIPCUP
      Hard to believe that any sports type would put the Gators at 15.

      I do not believe the Swine's defense can keep Bamma's offense off of the field. Resulting in fewer touches for the Hog offense and poor starting field positon. But there is a reason that the game is played. Time will tell.

      We are not big formal gift exchangers between the two of us. You know how it is...you take care of each other all the time. The Daughter and Husband came over and brought the just received 1 hour video from the Wedding Videographer. We cooked dinner and relived the day. Better than anything I could purchase.

      My work and health are good and the Wife is Sassy. Life is good.
    10. leahy
      Flip you are going to Flip-out-----the LA times this week has Bama 4th and losing to ARKY--------think that's bad?--they have the Gators at #15
      Last bridge game came in 6th out of 12 tables---hope all is great----do you and Vicki exchange gifts----Patty and I never formerly have----again HB V----I'll never forget how much both of you helped me when I came on board-----

      Slow day today still need 25,299 points for the 10th star-----

      Recently they did throw me out of 2 hospitals for making the nurses too excited---couldn't get them out of my room-----Flip didn't the same thing happen to you?------
    11. leahy
      i am not a ND fan---I loath the school after what they did to FL----FL gave me a football when i was 10 years old that's when i became a Leahy fan who i consider the best coach ever in college football-----i did root for Ara Parseghian when he was at ND but that was it----it's been all Gator since 1990

      Last friday i learned my neck tumors were benign so i'm a lucky guy----thx for caring
    12. reffinc22
      I hope all is well with you in recent months. Please pardon my anti-ND bias. As a child, my father raised me to believe that college football was better than the pros. I was a ND and OSU fan. Luckily, I was accepted to UF, and I saw the light.

      Take it easy and be safe.
    13. GatorStuD
      Hope all is well. Go Gators!
    14. leahy
      That ice cream sounds great----not kidding when I say I am a confirmed ice cream addict----watched all your wedding pictures----made me want to be there----Great job---Caroline is beautiful----is Flip really the father----
      I pictured you and Stuart exactly--- a very handsome couple----
    15. vanders
      Morning .... see you are up.
      Heading out in a few here in Tampa! Stopping at the store for my science experiment~ turning liquid into solid SOUTHERN STYLE~ make Homemade Ice Cream. Kids are excited!

      Hope to catch you online tomorrow.
      That Auburn Miss State game was a good one to watch.
    16. FLIPCUP
      Saw this comment from you today,"la paper ranks Bama 5th and Gators 14th", that LA Sports Writer must be rolling and smoking something with his paper or perhaps his Momma dropped him on his head when he was little. Both the Gators and Bama are better than that. Especially the Gators. Take care my Friend.
    17. GatorPrincess8
      I hope all is well with you, God Bless.
    18. keefer
      Leahy! You never cease to amaze me! Funny stuff on sideboob! :laugh: :whistle:
    19. vanders
      you are being thought of.... thread of well wishes in the Pub... ck in with us!!! Saw you had logged in!!
    20. gatordee
      Just dropping by to let you know you are being thought of and wish you a speedy recovery. Please let us know how you are doing when you feel up to it. Take care!
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    Jan 21, 1930 (Age: 91)
    L.A. CA
    Born 1-21-30 not much has happened since---so I'm very happy---married 51years---why so long?---was never healthy enough to cheat---wife tells me I have 2 daughters and 2 grandsons don't know if I should believe her---these kids fib you know---at 74 she should have broken the fibbing habit long ago---but what do I know.

    The one thing I want said at my funeral is----"Look!!! he's getting out of his casket---Praise The Lord!!!"

    BRIDGE and of course THE GATORS


    If I agreed with you, we'd both be wrong------Mama