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Apr 10, 2007
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All normal in the War Room, No Name City.
Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney
    1. gator34654
      Love to hear your story on how you became a believer.
    2. Profgator
      Thanks for the rep!
    3. Gator_84_88
      Hey Law...just wanted you to know this but PLEASE don't announce it. Please let Will do it himself. Will actually called me Monday and said he committed. He's been a Gator a LONG time in his heart.

    4. chompalot
    5. prgator
      Tried to pm you a greeting, but your box is full. Greatto hear from you and hope you and you are well, too.
    6. prgator
      Thanks so much. That note absolutely made my day. And trust me, the feeling is mutual. Pax!
    7. vertigo0923
      I can actually say "ditto that", to what you guru and the wife are doing, lol, i read it and thought, "Omg they are living our lives too" haha
    8. vertigo0923
      Hey LD, how are ya? Just muddling thru life up here.
    9. Minister_of_Information
      Gort, klaatu barada nikto
    10. BadTime
      Lawdog, good to see you are still around checking on the inmates. Haven't been here much, but that is changing. Left hard crapy old job for hard cool job. More money and security in this economy so no complaints. Ready for some football (mostly Gator of course).
    11. G8trGr8t
      Looks like Kashgator moved on as he is no longer shown as a member. Have to say that the turnover and loss of seasoned talent around here is pretty disturbing and I might do the same. Looks like Justin might be gone soon too based on the lack of significant posts from him.
    12. OaktownGator
      Hey LD - likewise on the rep thing. Agree and understand completely.
    13. gs_gator
      Soy EL primo de los matadors, The master of the metaphor, A chaw chewin' troubadour ....The one you've come to love and adore

      whats up buddy!
    14. G8trGr8t
      I always enjoy reading your posts. Good dose of intellect mixed with common sense and understanding of the law.

    15. Minister_of_Information
    16. BadTime
      Good to see you are still the voice of reason in an unreasonable world.
    17. gators21
      I figured you were being sarcastic. I have been known to be sarcastic myself. I appreciate your comments on a variety of subjects.
      Best to you
    18. BadTime
      I can never give you rep when I want. I'll catch ya later. Good posts.
    19. Gator_84_88
      NO NO...I APPRECIATE YOUR POSTS! lol. As you know it's difficult to comprehend who's really coming from where around GC so i've given up on trying to do so. There are VERY few people on here i actually track or stalk some may say and you are one of them. Keep posting great and sensible posts Law. You've got a friend and constituent here.
    20. Gator_84_88
      Hey Law...i just saw your message today and want to thank you! I wish that this world were different but it will take a lot of understanding between the cultures to get there. What i hate the most is the "it's ok for the blacks to play for their fav team and give them the sense of victory but DON'T DATE MY DAUGHTER or associate with me" attitudes that so many RIGHT HERE on GC bring. You will NEVER, EVER catch me around a black man of my own race even hinting at being racist or any other race for that matter. GC i find is a great place for me to start getting my message out. In the case of Obama, i volunteered because i felt he would help bring races together more than McCain ever would have. Let's hope i'm right.
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    All normal in the War Room, No Name City.
    Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorney


    "Unless you believe that I am He, you will die in your sins."
    Jesus of Nazareth